11 Cool Makeup Organizers To Step Up Your Vanity Game

Creating a vanity that's Instagram-worthy, true to your personal style, and functional can be a tricky task. Cool makeup organizers for a unique vanity are hard to come by, but they do exist. You may be under the impression that your perfect makeup organizer might be as elusive as a unicorn, but, what if I told you that your ideal makeup organizer is within easy reach?

Blame it on social media making it simple to peek at people's interiors, or the seemingly ever-growing number of inspiring MUAs on Instagram — makeup organizers appear to be a fashionable item found only on the trendiest of beauty babes' vanities. These things are awesome for myriad reasons and allow you to show off your impressive makeup collection while staying super neat. If you're into makeup and pride yourself on running a tidy household, a makeup organizer makes a must-have addition to your vanity.

If you take a look at the shelves of your local homewares store or the hashtag #makeuporganizer on Instagram, you'll likely find the most popular makeup organizer is the clear, cuboid style. While this is stylish and enables you to see all of your makeup at once, it's not exactly the neatest looking storage system, and they're perhaps not as neat as you'd like.

That considered, here are some cool makeup organizers to make your vanity more unique to you.

1. The Nostalgic Organizer

Vintage Rare Teal Caboodles Vanity Tray, $35.99, etsy.com

Your inner '90s kid will love this Caboodles makeup organizer almost as much as Pop-Tarts and Pokémon.

2. The Glam Lipstick Holder

Vestige Lipstick Holder, $28, anthropologie.com

You'll have no problem imagining yourself as a real life femme fatale with this divine lipstick holder that makes a nod to another era.

3. The Marie Antoinette Style

Makeup Jewelry Organizer, $130, etsy.com

On the other hand, if you fancy yourself as a modern day Marie Antoinette you'll require this floral, antique-looking organizer for your vanity.

4. The Minimal Metallic Organizer

Threshold™ Glass and Metal Incline 6 Compartment Vanity Organizer, $15.99, target.com

If you're into the minimal look, but you prefer something a little swankier than a plain, clear holder, check out this fancy glass and metal makeup organizer!

5. The Vanity Case

1950s Sirram Vanity Makeup Case, $57.41, etsy.com

This vintage case is a great choice for makeup loving gals who like to travel — keep it sitting pretty on your vanity at home, then pack everything up before you head off on your next adventure.

6. The Wooden Wonder

Pear Wood Makeup Organizer, $139.60, etsy.com

Sometimes simple things make the most stylish of statements, like this modest, yet marvellous, wooden makeup organizer.

7. The Chic Brush Holder

Victoire Makeup Brush Holder, $28, anthropologie.com

If you prefer your interiors less cluttered and more elegant, this iron and glass makeup brush holder will fit right in.

8. The Contemporary Eye Makeup Organizer

Organizational Eye Makeup Holder, $24, etsy.com

This hand painted ceramic cup with lashes on one side and calligraphy on the other, will make a great addition to a modern millennial's home.

9. The Eerie Organizer

Small Coffin Brush Holder, $35+, etsy.com

Glamorously ghoulish gals who idolize the likes of Morticia Addams will kill for this coffin makeup brush holder. IMO, it would look deadly with some Kat Von D makeup in it.

10. The Charming Brush Holder

Ajoure Makeup Brush Organizer, $12, urbanoutfitters.com

This charming makeup brush organizer will be a lifesaver for folks short on space.

11. The Opulent Organizer

Vintage Vanity Organizer, $24, etsy.com

Decadent dolls won't be able to resist the lure of this extravagant, vintage, vanity organizer that's sure to make one heck of a statement.

Your vanity needn't be vanilla — shake things up a bit and add a sprinkle of your personality with a seriously cool and unique makeup organizer.

Images: Courtesy Brands