14 Ways 'The Holiday' Would Be Different Today

Nothing highlights the passing of time like the anniversary of a classic romantic comedy. I can't be the only person shocked to realize that The Holiday came out in 2006, meaning that we are currently celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the movie. The classic Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz rom-com is just as cute now as it was all of those years ago, and Jude Law is still every bit the prospective love interest he was back then. But a lot can change in a decade, so what are some of the ways The Holiday would be different in 2016? The internet really changes things.

While email featured prominently in The Holiday, if the movie was made today, some major technological changes would need to be taken into account. For starters, instead of finding each other on a house swapping website, the pair would be using Airbnb to plan a quick getaway. And when it comes to finding a hot and available man in the area to have a drink with, Tinder would provide a lot more options. So in what ways would The Holiday be different today? Clearly, Winslet and Diaz would still be our leading actors of choice, but what else would have to change?

1. Airbnb Would Transform The Plot


Instead of using an antiquated house-swapping website, Amanda (Diaz) and Iris (Winslet) would be on Airbnb. It's unlikely that the pair would directly swap each other's houses on the app, though not impossible. Plus, Amanda's mansion in Los Angeles might become a tad out of Iris's price range. Still, the introduction or avoidance of Airbnb would be interesting for the plot of The Holiday.

2. Tinder Could Simplify Dating


Instead of stumbling into a local bar and looking for any eligible men, a quick look at Tinder would highlight any prospective men in the area.

3. Social Media Would Reveal Everyone's Relationship Statuses


When Amanda gets drunk and makes out with a local stranger, some stealth online stalking would help to reveal his relationship status, and the fact that he's a father of two.

4. Google Maps Would Highlight Bad Locations


When scouting out potential holiday destinations, it's likely that the characters would check Google Maps immediately, to make sure the houses were in nice areas. This would make Amanda's trek up a snowy, inhospitable road all the more unlikely.

5. The Block Feature Would Help Eliminate Exes


Instead of leaving the country, why not just block that annoying ex who keeps you hanging on as the best friend? Goodbye forever.

6. Snapchat Would Up Everyone's Flirting Game


Needless to say, Mr. Napkinhead would be the most memorable Snapchat Amanda (Cameron Diaz) had ever received.

7. Jobs Could Be Done Remotely


While the characters might want a total break from everything, they could consider working remotely and living somewhere else for a longer period of time. After all, publishing and video editing can often be done from any location now via the internet.

8. Tripadvisor Would Recommend Local Hotspots


Instead of hoping for the best, or relying on the recommendations of their host, Tripadvisor would help point out the local restaurants and bars worth the character's time.

9. More Facetime Instead Of Phone Calls


Nothing gets you better acquainted with a potential love interest, or a stranger you're house swapping with, than regular Facetime chats.

10. Online Relationships Would Make Goodbyes Redundant


No need to say goodbye for the millionth time. The internet has made long distance relationships more sustainable than ever.

11. There Would Be A Million Instagram Photos, Tweets, & Status Updates


Amanda would totally tag Iris in a post to inform her she'd fallen in love with her hot British brother.

12. Goodbye Blockbuster, Hello Streaming


Boredom no more, as it's possible to stream or rent any movie or show instantly online now. No need to hang out with random strangers.

13. Wikipedia Would Make All Quips Redundant


Everyone knows that already.

14. Status Updates Would Prove Just How Busy Someone Was



While many plot details would inevitably change in an update of The Holiday, the story would still be super heart-warming, and a great movie to watch during the holiday season.

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