Can You Wear Bright Lipstick In The Winter? The Season Is Full Of Beauty Possibilities

During the winter, it's tempting to revert back to the darker color palette of the colder months. But, if you're a makeup addict who loves trying out new shades all year round, you may be feeling a little uninspired and wondering: Can you wear bright lipstick in the winter?

Aside from the classic, festive red shade, lipstick hues tend to take a darker turn during the winter, with purples, burgundies, and deep browns taking centre stage. Fans of the glamorous goth look may extend their black lipstick from Halloween onwards, for a vampy look during the party season, that would complement seasonally appropriate velvet like nothing else. However, it's always good to mix things up and turn a trend on its head — especially in the experimental beauty world — plus it's fun to stand out from the crowd in doing so.

When it comes to wearing bright lippy in winter, Honey Artist makeup artist, Suzy Gerstein, tells Bustle over email, "It is absolutely OK to wear bright lipstick in winter. I actually think it's a great way to brighten the complexion and add some happiness into your look when the weather gets cold and dreary."

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"Just be sure to pick a formula with hydrating properties — two I love are Ilia Beauty and Kosas Cosmetics. Neon Angel and Fringe are two favorites respectively," says Gerstein.

Ilia Beauty Neon Angel, $26, Sephora; Kosas Cosmetics Fringe, $24, Revolve

When you need a bright lip look that lasts and doesn't dry out your lips, Gerstein instructs, "Prep with a light scrub (I love Henne Organics Rose Diamonds), then line and fill in lips with a sheer pencil (try the ones from IT Cosmetics) and top with a balm (Henne has a new stick form of their cult favorite balm and it's gorgeous)."

Henne Organics Rose Diamonds, $24, Amazon; Henne Organics Luxury Lip Balm, $22, Amazon

To finish, Gerstein says, "Also be sure to apply a good concealer around the lips to even the skin tone and make your lipstick stay where you want it. NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer is my new favorite."

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer, $30, Sephora

Honey Artist makeup artist, Aidan Keogh, tells Bustle via email, "A bright lip is not just a spring/summer essential, it can be carried over Into fall/winter."

"Lips tend to be dryer and chapped in the winter months," says Keogh, "I like to take some brown sugar, lip conditioner, and a drop of Neron oil from Whole Foods and exfoliate the lips before applying bold colors. The lips look more moist and the lipstick really stands out and wears longer."

Monique Romatowski, an esthetician at Haven Spa, explains over email that it's all about the time of day and the occasion. She says, "For example, red lipstick with all black cocktail attire is always appropriate." Of course, you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want, but wearing a bright lip with a fancy ensemble will ensure you slay hard at your festive cocktail parties.

But, wherever you wear your bright lipstick this holiday season, there's one very important thing to consider: Your lip health. Dr. Michael Swann, board certified dermatologist, tells Bustle over email, "You can definitely wear bright lipstick in the winter, but be careful that when you are drawing that much attention to your lips that they are healthy."

"Lips are one of the first elements of our skin to show dehydration and irritation," says Dr. Swann, adding, "some lipsticks can actually accentuate scale."

Dry, flaky lips are not a good look on anybody, so Dr. Swann recommends folks, "Look for creamier lipsticks to keep your lips hydrated and protected and this won't be an issue. If you are wearing a good quality lipstick, you are less likely to have issues. Also, don't forget to protect your lips overnight, particularly before a big event."

"It doesn't matter how smooth the lipstick is, if you aren't taking care of your lips, it will be more obvious," Dr. Swann concludes.

You can definitely wear bright lipstick in the winter. But, the one rule everyone should follow is to keep your pout in perfect condition — otherwise the eye-catching color will draw attention to your unhealthy, cracked lips, creating a less than ideal situation if you find yourself underneath some mistletoe!

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