Things You Probably Don't Need In Your Makeup Bag

Much like your handbag, it's easy for your makeup bag to become filled up of random junk and bulge at the seams. There are a whole host of things you don't need in your makeup bag that you're likely carting around with you, day in and day out, that are totally unnecessary to your everyday needs. Sure, it's fun to feel like Mary Poppins, with a makeup bag full of basically everything but the kitchen sink, but lugging around beauty products that you don't use regularly doesn't make sense, especially if you're out of the house most days.

There is an alternative to feeling like you're overwhelmed by the clutter on a daily basis and that's to adopt a minimalist approach. Now I'm not recommending you get rid of basically all your beauty products just to embrace a cleaner, minimal aesthetic — although feel free to do so, because that look is chic AF — but instead of having a bunch of items you think are just OK, include only items that you love and can't live without. Quality over quantity my friends.

So here's a collection of things to discard or move to your makeup drawer at home, so you can stop living a life lumbered by a freakishly heavy makeup bag.

1. Expired Makeup

Although you probably know better, I'd hazard a guess that there's at least one beauty product in your makeup bag that has expired. I'm definitely guilty of hanging on to my faves for way too long! However, expired makeup can be a health hazard, so it's best to keep an eye on the labels to ensure that the contents of your makeup bag are all in date and safe to continue using.

2. Duplicate Products

We're all different, so the type of duplicate products you hoard in your makeup bag will likely differ greatly from mine, however some items may include: Multiple vials of eyelash glue, different flavors of your favorite lip balm, or a variation of mascaras. You only need one of each item. If you're worried about running out, make sure to keep backups of your most used products at home, then you'll be ready to replace them as soon as they run out.

3. Bobby Pins

It's definitely a good idea to have a handful of bobby pins at your disposal, just in case you need to quickly change up your hairstyle or lend one to a friend in need. But, there is a limit. If you cannot see the bottom of your makeup bag for bobby pins, you should definitely transfer some to a jar or small pouch for use at home. In addition to this, there's certainly no point bringing broken bobby pins with you on your everyday escapades, so throw out the dead weight.

4. Broken Items

You may have a few beloved pieces in your makeup bag that are broken, but you can't bear to throw out. They may be specifically unusuable while on the go — such as a shattered press powder or a lipstick that's stuck in its tube — which defeats the object of them being in your makeup bag. You don't need to cry over spilt makeup though, learn how to depot your makeup into different, intact containers, so you can continue to use these products while out and about, or give them a new home on your vanity.

5. Makeup You'd Normally Wear For A Night Out

Any products you don't use on a day to day basis should be relocated. Depending on your personal style, this may include body glitter, bright eyeshadows, or black lipstick. These items are taking up valuable space for things that you use every day, so remove them from your makeup bag.

6. Non-Waterproof Mascara

Chances are, you've probably got at least two mascaras in your makeup bag — one will be your trusty fave and the other is likely a waterproof mascara. There's no point in carrying around two mascaras, so keep only the waterproof one in your makeup bag, as it's much more functional anyway. Bonus points if it's also of the sweat-proof variety!

7. Full Sized Products

Go small or go home. Don't waste space with huge palettes and compacts that contain hues you don't even use. Invest in travel sized versions of your go-to products so you can downsize your makeup bag.

8. Designer Products You Dislike

You might have treated yourself to a hot designer product that, after trialling, you realized didn't live up to the hype. Don't keep designer products that you don't even like in your makeup bag. Ditch them or (if they're practically unused and in date) pass them along to someone who will appreciate them.

9. Sample Perfumes

I'd hazard a guess that you have a "signature scent" by now, or at least a few perfumes you like and cycle between. If you're anything like me, before leaving the house you probably spritz your fave scent on your person and/or take a mini version of your preferred perfume with you in your handbag. This makes sample perfumes in your makeup bag obsolete as they will sit there unused, hiding in a dark corner. Give them to a young, beauty-obsessed relative; they'll definitely appreciate them more than you as their allowance may not be enough for them to purchase a full sized bottle of perfume.

Give your makeup bag a clear out and live a lighter life filled with products that you actually use. Because carrying your makeup bag with you needn't feel like you're doing a workout every time you leave the house!

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