How Every '90s Kid Betrayed Their Bestie's Trust

If there's one thing we did better than slang in the '90s, it was drama — '90s kids could serve up some serious drama. And while, as a rule, we were #squadgoals with our BFFs before #squadgoals was a thing, our friendships weren't immune to drama. In fact, there were certain ways every '90s kid betrayed their BFF's trust back then. Our intentions were rarely malicious. We just couldn't help ourselves, whether it was because our bestie had something we wanted or we just need to stir the pot a little.

I remember the one and only fight my BFF and I had in the '90s was over a betrayal of trust. She thought I had said something to another friend that she had told me in confidence, and she confronted me in the locker room after 4th period gym class. In this instance, I hadn't actually done the thing I was being accused of, so the crisis was averted. However, I'm not above admitting I most definitely crossed the line when it came to betraying my friend's trust in other ways. Don't hate — I was young and had questionable judgment. I wore Hammer pants with a shirt that said "Can't Touch This" back then for heaven's sake.

Still, in hindsight, I couldn't have been a better friend in the '90s if I hadn't betrayed any of my friends' trust in the following ways.

1. Three-Way Calling on the Sly

Did anyone make it through the '90s without falling prey to the dreaded covert three-way call? Doing this to your primo BFF with your secondary BFF was a big no-no, and yet we all used it to curry favor from time to time. Sheesh, poor form, '90s us.

2. Note-Passing with a Frenemy

Technically you weren't breaking the sacred bonds of friendship by talking to your bestie's biggest frenemy. You know, since you were writing. And reading. It's all a matter of semantics.

3. Flirting with Their Crush

If the crush was cute enough and their hair was dreamy enough, even the closest friendship could fade from memory momentarily when said crush came a'calling. In our '90s selves' defense, we would never have actually done anything, ya know?

4. Telling Them You Were Team Backstreet...

...When you were actually Team *NSYNC. For shame!

5. Moving the Ouija Planchette

C'mon, you can come clean now — your friend may have been terrified back then, but surely she'd forgive you now if you admitted you were the one moving the Ouija planchette every time.

6. Never Returning a Beloved VHS Tape

Not returning any of the following was grounds for immediate suspension of BFF privileges: Home Alone, Forrest Gump, Titanic, Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, Matilda, Romeo + Juliet, et al.

7. Logging On Using Their Handle

Oooh, this was major bad behavior. But, really, if you were crashing at their house, and they just so happened to leave AIM open while still logged in, you couldn't really be held accountable for trolling a few people using your bestie's good name... right?

8. Using the Last Spritz of Their CK One

Even worse than using that last spritz of CK One, of course, was not telling her you'd used the last spritz and her finding out five minutes before going on the first big date with her crush.

9. Reading Their Pocket Diary

What? People are naturally inquisitive beings. She should probably have been a little less predictable with her passwords.

10. Going to See Jumanji with Another Friend

Your bestie knew how much you were looking forward to seeing the movie in theaters. She also knew your mom was a stickler for curfews and wouldn't let you see the late showing. Going with someone else was like rubbing salt in the wound.

11. Killing Off Their Tamagotchi

When your BFF asked you to care for her beloved Tamagotchi, of course you agree to look after the little darling like it was your very own. Then you let it poop itself to death, you horrible human being, you. (And by you, I clearly mean me. Oopsie!)

12. Falling Asleep Watching Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Despite the fact it was your idea to watch Are You Afraid of the Dark? , you fell asleep ten minutes in and left your poor, terrified BFF alone and wide-eyed in a quivering huddle on the couch.

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