Zach's 'Big Brother' Showmance Attempts All Pale in Comparison to Zankie

The Big Brother houseguests aren't exactly stranded on a desert island, but that doesn't mean the game fails to bring out one's survival instincts. One must hunt and gather for ways to make slop taste decent. One must fight members of his or her tribe to attain power. One must find a mate in order to procreate. Well, not literally. But forming a showmance with another Big Brother houseguest is a great way to ensure safety. Zach, the unemployed Palm Beach native with a flair for the dramatic, is doing his absolute darndest to spread his seed. Perhaps literally. With pretty much everyone.

Throughout this season, there has been a divide forming between the male and female contestants. The guys have been ganging up on the girls, using them as pawns, and in the case of Caleb, acting like a complete creep. Of course none of that has prevented Zach from trying to start a showmance with a few of the girls and one of the guys.

Here's a guide to his many showmance attempts this season.

1. Zach + Nicole = Zacole

Zach may be on Nicole's naughty list now, but these pics don't lie. Fans of Nicole and Hayden (or "Haycole") may need to avert their eyes.

2. Zach + Amber = Zamber

Zach's short-lived courtship with Amber may have been mostly in jest, but any situation where the l-word is tossed out deserves recognition.

3. Zach + Victoria = Zachtoria

Before briefly setting his sights on Amber, Zach told Christine and Cody that he was starting to "sweat Victoria now." An odd way to announce attraction, to be sure, but that's to be expected from this dude.

4. Zach + Frankie = Zankie

Save the best (and realest) for last. It didn't take long for Zach to refer to Frankie as his "boyfriend." Watch their budding romance below.

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Just today, they hit a new relationship milestone.

I think it's clear that of all Zach's Big Brother loves, this one is built to last.

Images: CBS (2)