Where is Club Tulip in Kim Kardashian's iPhone Game? It's Tricky to Find

Have you noticed lately in the Kim Kardashian iPhone game that Simon has been sending you to Club Tulip a lot? Maybe it's just me, but I had a fan club meeting there (yes, I have a fan club now and Kim K. herself is a member) and then Simon booked me for another appearance there right after I finished the fan club event. Ugh, this game just keeps me sooo busy. Unfortunately, when Simon has me hopping from photo shoot to TV set to club appearance sometimes I lose track of where things are. I spent like $100 in wasted plane tickets the other day trying to remember where in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is Club Tulip? Spoiler alert, it's not in Hollywood.

Turns out it's not in Las Vegas, Miami, or New York either. Suddenly I felt like the money I was spending trying to find the appearance was going to be more than I'd even make there. I found myself wishing that this game had a Dora the Explorer type map that I could use to direct me. Especially since Kim has added three new locations since the game's launch! That's too many places to check for one club appearance.

But then I realized the name of the place itself could give me a clue. Club Tulip sounds way too English for a Mexican or Parisian restuarant (those locations house El Canario and La Rue respectively). I knew then that Club Tulip was in London, England.

It's the game's newest location and an absolute pain to get to. Not only does it cost $65 to get there, but it's basically as hard as Narnia is to find. There are only two access points to London, unlike every other location where you can take any airport in any city to get to them.

But you can only get to London through LAX's Gate 5, or JFK's Gate 16. The Los Angeles airport's Gate 5 is relatively easy to locate. Simply go to LAX and when going through the doors choose Gate 5 instead of Gate 4, which services all the other locations.

But to get to the New York airport's Gate 16 is much more complicated. First you have to travel to JFK gate 15. Then you have to go to Soho, but not Tribeca. (Yeah, because Soho is right next to the airport and Tribeca is not. Psh. Neither of them are close. Queens and Brooklyn are, but Kim thinks she's too cool to include those boroughs.) After you go to Soho, click to go back to the airport and this time choose Gate 16.

Then shell out $65 and you're on your way to Club Tulip.

I have no idea why it's that hard to get to England in this game, but I guess Kim thought maybe she should up the challenge level since people were mocking the game for being a simple tap and get rewards system. Or maybe she just values London above everything else and wanted to give it its own special gate at the airport. Whatever her reason, at least I remembered where Club Tulip is now so I can grace my awaiting fans with my presence. Cheers!

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (4); teen