More Like America's Least Favorite Player, Zing!

Believe it or not, this season of Big Brother is going to be over before we know it. The finale is set to air Sept. 24, and with that date rearing near, we — as America — will be responsible to vote for America's Favorite Player of Big Brother 16 . This year, there has been a lot of controversy over the fairness of America's Favorite Player with Frankie Grande being a houseguest during the season. Frankie's career as a social media "mogul" depends on having fans that follow you on Twitter and Instagram. So when a vote like this comes into play — a vote that is a popularity contest — do the other houseguests even stand a chance against Frankie's combined 1.6 million fans (not even counting his sister's fans)?

Well, the houseguests seem to think that Frankie has already won America's Favorite Player based on his presence before entering the house. Ever since Frankie revealed that he is Ariana Grande's brother, everyone just assumed that he already had the prize in the bag. But something the houseguests don't know is that Frankie has been receiving a lot of heat outside of the Big Brother house that could cause Frankie to not win America's Favorite Player. Here are six reasons Frankie won't win America's Favorite Player.

Team America Mission Failed

In an "overwhelming no" from Julie, Team America's Play did not woo America enough to make them vote for the houseguests to win $5,000 each. If America were on Frankie's side — or his fans were willing to vote for them — they should have won by an "overwhelming yes."

Trying to Bribe America

In an effort to get America to vote for the above mission, Frankie offered to "follow" anyone who took a screenshot that they voted "yes" for the mission. His pull was clearly not strong enough to pass the mission, even though some people did do as he said. Once again, "overwhelming no."

"Jokes" About Rape

In a complete character twist for the season, Frankie made a comment, that he perceived to be a funny joke, about rape. Not only was the comment not funny at all, but his comments went viral and created a lot of unhappy viewers and caused fans — and Victoria's parents — to demand an apology. Definitely not America's Favorite Player material.


Zach might have been a crazy Fruitloop Dingus in the house, but he was loved by America. And when you cross America, as Frankie did by backdooring his showmance Zach — the last thing America is going to do is vote for you to win money as their favorite player.

Losing Houseguest Polls

Joker's Big Brother Updates, a respected source for minute-by-minute updates of the happenings inside the Big Brother house, has a houseguest poll where users rate their favorite houseguests each day. In recent standings, Frankie and Christine are battling it out... for the least favorite player in the season. I kid you not, Devin is beating them. Devin. In the lead almost every single day is....


Another reason Frankie doesn't stand a chance to win America's Favorite Player is simply because this guy exists.

Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS; Sawagrance/Tumblr