7 Times Lena Said Exactly What You Were Thinking

Next time something major happens in the news, my go-to response will be checking Lena Dunham's Twitter feed. That's because she always has the perfect responses to any current events. From the Hobby Lobby case to Joan Rivers' death to the celeb nude photo leak, her responses are candid yet amazing. She's honest, outspoken, and says exactly what the rest of us are thinking. Monday's release of the Ray Rice elevator fight was no exception. In response to the NFL's (very poor) handling of the issue, Dunham posted a series of tweets expressing her disappointment.

She began by writing how she now knows she's missing nothing by not watching football, and then also touched on how it's still domestic abuse, regardless of whether Janay Rice married Ray Rice. Basically, Dunham covered all the bases: calling out other Twitter users who don't understand the gravity of the situation, condemning the NFL for their poor response, and supporting, not blaming, the victim.

Unlike when Jaden Smith tweets something, Dunham always posts comments that make me want to scream "YES" and retweet a million times. She just gets it. And by "it," I mean everything. Let's look back at all the times she spoke the truth and commented on important issues with tact, wisdom, and unapologetic sass.

Ray Rice & The NFL

She posted these four tweets, and then added a tinge of optimism.

Because the only possible upside to this situation is that it may finally open people's eyes to the reality that domestic abuse exists and is never acceptable.

Joan Rivers' Death

Despite her heartfelt, humorous tribute (which is likely what Joan would've wanted), she received some criticism. And again, her response was perfect:

Celeb Photo Leak

Unlike some celebrities who brushed off the leak as no big deal or something to joke about, Duhnam had a fantastic response. And here's the best tweet of them all:

The comparison couldn't be more accurate.


I know, I know. Taylor Swift declaring herself a feminist doesn't even compare to the seriousness of some of these other topics. But it does matter, as evidenced by that last tweet. Women should support one another, and it's awesome that Lena shows support for her friend.

Mental Health & Robin Williams

Not only did she touch on the great loss and talent of Robin Williams, but she made sure to mention the importance of mental health. Her point that depression can affect anyone — regardless of fame or money — couldn't be more true.


Instead of saying too much, she said just enough. She showed her support and acknowledged the citizens asking for change. Not all issues require a series of tweets to explain. On the night of the Emmys, which was the same day as Mike Brown's funeral, she posted this to Instagram:

Birth Control

Dunham created an important, honest dialog on Twitter. She retweeted responses from fans who shared their own reasons for using birth control. A month earlier, she tweeted this:

She also had an amazing response to the Hobby Lobby case, sharing an anecdote of how she explained to a 10-year-old why she took birth control, and unlike the Supreme Court, the young girl had no questions.

Basically, Lena Dunham speaks the truth. And from now on, I know just where to look to find thoughts that echo my own. Keep on tweeting, Lena!

Image: Lena Dunham/Instagram