How to Be the Biebs for Halloween

As you choose your perfect Halloween costume for this year's trick-or-treat fest, keep one question in your mind: "What character would I fancy to play for an evening of vexing tomfoolery?" Naturally, if your desire is to commit general shenanigans, a Justin Bieber Halloween costume should be the obvious choice. Considering that Justin Bieber is perpetually a punk kid on mischief night, a Bieber costume is perfect for Halloween. Not just that, it's topical too!

You can re-enact his humiliating striptease from Fashion Rocks 2014. You can cleverly reference the various counts of vehicular misbehavior and vandalism that accrued on his legal rap sheet this year. Plus, now that the Biebs and Selena Gomez are back together, you can even make your solo situation into a group costume. Did this party order an obnoxious celebrity couple? I think they did! All you need is an additional friend to dress up as Orlando Bloom, provoke them to the point of punching you in the face, and you officially have a 2014 celebrity performance art piece.

Grab your hip hop chain, your ribbed knit tee, and your fake diamond studs. This Halloween, you have the best excuse ever to spend a full night speaking exclusively in Justin Bieber lyrics. Without further ado, here is your guide to making a killer Bieber costume. I’ll just call you the emperor of $waggy.

For your top, get inspired by the layering prowess of post-stache bathroom selfie Bieber

Pop a black flannel top like this one from Jordan Craig...

over a ribbed knit tank top, like this one from American Apparel.

Knit Tank Top, $18, American Apparel

Pair that with some black baggy jeans

This pair from Old Navy will really do the trick, just try a couple sizes larger than what you usually wear.

Don't forget your hip-hop chain! It holds all your strength

Isn't that exactly what eBay is for?

As for headwear, you can opt for a black fedora

This one from Windy City Novelties should approximate "debonair Bieber" rather well.

Black Funky Fedora, $2, Windy City Novelties

Hot pink sneakers are, obviously, necessary

This pair from The Perfect Me is on point.

About those tattoos though

Never fear! Etsy to the rescue! Justin Bieber temporary tattoos, for your trouble.

Just pop on a pair of Calvins

This pair from Bare Necessities is close...

Modern Cotton Boyshort, $22, Bare Necessities

Put it all together, and every old curmudgeon in town will be saying, "That's the little turd that egged my house!"

Images: Justin Bieber/ Instagram (6); Giphy; Its The Image; American Apparel; The Perfect Me; Windy City Novelties; OfficialJewelry/ Ebay; Fangirl Tattoos/ Etsy; Old Navy; Bare Necessities