Justin Bieber Insults Paris Hilton & Adds To His List Of Celebrity Enemies

As someone who often spends her days wondering what it would be like to be famous (because that would be awesome) I like to imagine that I wouldn’t be the type of celebrity who isolates herself from all of her other celebrity friends. After all, in a world full of paparazzi and generally sleazy people out to get you, you’d think you’d want all your close famous friends by your side because they’re the only other people who really get it unlike the rest of us plebs. Yet even with that logic, silly Justin Bieber recently tweeted an offensive comment about Paris Hilton and has undoubtedly added another person to his already-long list of celebrity enemies.

After several people speculated as to whether or not Bieber and Hilton were an item when they were spotted at the same event recently, Bieber took to Twitter on Friday tweeting, “believe anything u want but don’t believe I went out with Paris Hilton, smh just cuz we’re seen at the same event. No offense. But ew.” Of course he shortly deleted the tweet either because he realized that Hilton would take offense to his message or because of his horrendous spelling and grammar. So, aside from probably being unable to stay at a Hilton hotel ever again, Bieber now has to watch his back as his enemy army grows.

Orlando Bloom

And therefore Leonardo DiCaprio. There was that one time Bieber reportedly made some crude comments about Bloom’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr, which resulted in Bloom attempting to punch Bieber in the face and making the actor our new hero. Also, Leo was there supposedly cheering his pal on.

Miranda Kerr

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After his sexual comments about her, there’s really no reason why Kerr would want anything to do with him. Sorry, Bieber, but you can say goodbye to any “in” you had with those Victoria’s Secret angels.

President Bill Clinton

Peeing in a mop bucket that someone has to clean out is already disgusting. But cussing at a picture of one of our presidents? I mean it’s one thing to have a few celebrities against you, but do you really want an entire country to hate you? Pretty sure Canada is already happy the singer’s over here.

Taylor Swift

The idea of the Biebs kissing her BFF Selena Gomez already grossed out T-Swizzle enough that a GIF of her sticking her tongue out went viral, but any girl is protective of her friend after she’s been hurt by the same guy over and over again.

Seth Rogen

When an elder celebrity publicly calls you a dick and a “piece of shit,” you’ve definitely messed up somewhere. Really, there’s only one right choice when choosing between Rogen or Bieber, and I think you know what that choice is.

Drake Bell

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maybe it evolved from the same feelings we all have about Bieber, but Bell takes it to another level. Known for tweeting about his discontent for the 20-year-old almost 24/7, Bell has gone so far that Bieber’s fans (yes, because surprisingly he has fans) have approached him at an airport singing Bieber’s songs. But obviously he thought it was hysterical and continued his rants about Bieber anyway.

His Next-door Neighbor

OK, so this isn’t a celebrity, but anyone who lives in a house next to Bieber’s is probably some sort of socialite and therefore has a bit of control over the singer’s reputation. I would be pretty pissed too if some punk threw eggs at my house like Bieber did to his neighbors.


China Photos/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Also not a celebrity, but really, who the hell gets people to lift them across the Great Wall? Who knew Bieber could make walking look so hard? Oh wait, it's not.

Images: The Hollywood Reporter, replygif, Perez Hilton, gifsofsam/Tumblr