Amanda Bynes Allegedly Threatened Her Parents

by Kenya Foy

More sad, disturbing updates involving actress and former child star Amanda Bynes continue to surface. Since she was released from a psychiatric hold against her parents' wishes last month, Bynes has claimed to be homeless, engaged to be married, and most recently she tweeted troubling messages about Nazis, pain and beauty. However, this alleged audio recording of Amanda Bynes threatening to murder her parents sounds like the most horrifying development yet: According to TMZ, someone claiming to be one of the actress' Hollywood roommates reportedly recorded the troubling audio last week in which Bynes allegedly speaks about wanting to slit her father's throat, slit her mom's wrist and burn down her house — in addition to numerous disturbing homophobic remarks, such as, "you are so gay it hurts my feelings."

Reportedly, Bynes' family wanted this alleged recording to go public in the hopes that it can help initiate some sort of medical intervention for the actress, who recently claimed she was diagnosed as bipolar and manic depressive. While the woman on the audio recording has yet to be confirmed as Bynes, some of the ramblings involve the same topics of Bynes' troubling Twitter rants, in which she has been critical of her appearance.

In the audio recordings, the voice that allegedly belongs to Bynes goes on about disturbing topics including "slitting" her father's wrists, and threatening to murder both her mother and father. Additionally, she allegedly insults the man recording the conversation, and makes deeply offensive remarks about homosexuality. Needless to say, it's overwhelmingly troubling to listen to, and, if the voice does indeed belong to Bynes, indicative that she needs help.

Throughout Bynes' public struggles, the actress' relationship with her parents appears to have grown increasingly hostile. Only hours after leaving a psychiatric facility a few weeks ago, she unleashed a barrage of tweets accusing her father of abuse, and made clear her intention to fight for her freedom. A short time afterwards, her parents decided to surrender conservatorship, which meant leaving their daughter's mental health care and control of her finances in the hands of professionals.

If the voice on the audio does indeed belong to Bynes, let's hope that those professionals will take swift action to intervene and provide the actress with the level of care and immediate attention that her parents would want to her have.