Nick Kroll Better Have a Primo Seat at the Globes

The Golden Globes celebrate achievements in both film and television and though Nick Kroll may not have any nominations, he is one of the funniest people on TV today. Add that to the fact that he is dating cohost Amy Poehler and it begs the question — will Nick Kroll be at the Golden Globe Awards? I just assume that the hosts of this swanky and booze-filled show would get a plus one, but perhaps that's presumptuous of me. Maybe Tina Fey is technically Poehler's date — like when you and your best friend are invited to an estranged friend's wedding and they expect you to go with each other instead of bringing a date. That'd be a good way for the Golden Globes to save some money (ya know, since they are handing out $600 gift bags full of swag to celebrities attending).

I'm particularly hoping that's not the case since I love Kroll (the Kroll Show is the voice of our generation, I tell you!) and because I'd like to see him have fisticuffs with the celebrity Poehler chooses to flirt with this year. At the 2014 Globes, Poehler made out with U2 front man Bono when she was announced as winner of Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy. Poehler and Bono's moment of affection led to Kroll having to step up and get territorial on Twitter to show that Poehler is his girlfriend, dammit!

While back in 2013 (Kroll and Poehler weren't dating yet), she snuggled up on George Clooney's lap when the best TV comedic actress nominees were announced. Now, who knows if Poehler will do that schtick again since she wasn't nominated for Parks and Recreation this year (damn you, Globes!). I was looking forward to seeing who she would have picked to rub up on — maybe she'd even have chosen her actual boyfriend Kroll. Eh, on second thought, no way. They're both too funny not to make the most out of her reoccurring gag.

Now, if Kroll is at the show, I wouldn't expect him to be in a super impressive seat (like next to Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient Clooney), but he should get some sort of VIP treatment. Maybe he assists the hosting duo with an audience gag? And perhaps he gets a couple camera close-ups to show him laughing at his lady love. Is that too much to ask? (At this point, I'd like to acknowledge that I realize how superficial it is that I'm not begging for close-ups of Fey's relatively non-famous significant other Jeff Richmond. Sorry, Jeff. You better have a good seat too.)

Even if Kroll isn't in attendance at the 2015 Golden Globes, he has been known to show his support of Poehler in other ways. For instance, check out this adorable tweet he wrote to promote Poehler's book Yes Please.

Considering it's pretty difficult to find information about their relationship, it's hard to even know for sure if Kroll and Poehler are still together. And for all my talk, I do truly admire that. They may collaborate professionally often, but their personal lives are, in fact, personal. So, of course, I want Kroll in that Globes audience with all my heart — but they should do what's best for their relationship. (That just better mean he's there.)