It's Hard Out There For A Finn & Alicia 'Shipper

If you, like me, are 'shipping Finn and Alicia on The Good Wife , then you probably feel a bit irked right now. The legal drama has made a name for itself by being the rare broadcast show that constantly subverts expectations. It doesn't play it safe like most of the procedurals on CBS, but instead craftily leads plot lines to conclusions the viewers didn't expect. Usually this masterful storytelling yields terrific dramatic results: Will Gardner's death, Alicia starting her own firm, Cary's arrest. But occasionally the unexpected way certain stories unfold can be frustrating.

Once upon a time, fans everywhere were clamoring to learn more about Kalinda's shady past, so the writers introduced her estranged husband. Remember how that turned out? (Hint: not well, and his character was written off the show with alarming alacrity.) And that wasn't the only time that viewers have felt frustrated by the show: most of the first half of Season 6 seemed to be building to a romance between Alicia Florrick and Finn Polmar, but any viewers expecting payoff were sadly confounded. We're now over halfway through the season and we've yet to see so much as a chaste peck between the two attractive attorneys!

(Alicia's obviously a stronger person than I, because I'm not sure I would be able to exhibit such remarkable self restraint in prolonged proximity to this face:)

After being noticeably absent from the action for a few weeks in a row, Finn finally returns to the courtroom in this week's episode, "Open Source." In honor of his reappearance, here are the 10 stages of being a Finn/Alicia 'shipper:

1. Intrigue

Why hello there, unusually handsome guest star. What's your name?

2. Shock


3. Wariness

Wait. Are the writers just making Finn a Will-replacement? I'm not sure I'm OK with that...

4. Acceptance

Nah. Finn's a cool guy. He's different than Will and Alicia deserves to have some fun in her life. Not to mention he's smokin' hot. I could get behind this.

5. Excitement

Omgomgomg they're totally gonna do it, right? About time Saint Alicia gets some action!

6. Confusion

But... Why... What just... Why is she kissing Johnny ? Why isn't she kissing Finn? What's wrong with the world?

7. Hope

OK, so Alicia totally just fantasized about her campaign manager, Johnny Elfman. It was weird. But it's OK because she also fantasized about Finn. There's still hope!

8. Rage

NOOOO! Why is Alicia kissing Johnny again? Why must you do this to my fragile shipping heart, writers? This is absolutely unacceptable.

9. Denial

I drink to forget that kiss. Finn/Alicia is totally still gonna happen, you guys.

10. Hope Part 2

What's that? Matthew Goode might be leaving The Good Wife to focus on Downton Abbey, which means there's practically zero hope for Finn and Alicia's future together? *dissolves into blubbering mess* Psych! It looks like they might just be back on!

Image: Patrick Harbron, Jeff Neumann/CBS; whichisnone, fabaa, leosfitz, rurikids (2), chiswicknobles, ivyarchive, roominthecastle, inonesingleline/tumblr, Giphy.com