Things 'Originals' Fans Must Do In New Orleans

The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals has a lot of things working it its favor: There’s witchcraft, there's storyline after compelling storyline, there are ‘ships you can't help but obsess over, there are lots of TVD crossovers, there's a powerful hybrid baby, and it is a really pretty show. I'm going to zero in on that last one, though — hope that's cool bayou (see what I did there?): Just about everything on The Originals is visually arresting. The cast? Attractive beyond reason. The Originals, like The Vampire Diaries, boasts some seriously gorgeous people. The costumes? I can’t even. Remember the white gown/angel wing ensemble Cami wore to that party toward the beginning of Season 1? EXQUISITE. The settings? Just stunning. Whether the characters are running around the Quarter or hiding out in a cabin in the Bayou, the The Originals ' New Orleans backdrop is always spectacular.

The Originals shoots primarily in Georgia, but the cast and crew occasionally make the trek out to New Orleans to film at real-deal places — real-deal places you can visit in real-deal life.

That's right: You can have your very own Originals adventure in The Big Easy. I ask you: Is there a better way for an Originals fan to spend a vacation in The Big Easy than to have their own Originals adventure? Answer: No, no there isn't. So, here are some Originals-y things to do in New Orleans:

Explore the French Quarter

Checking out this iconic neighborhood — especially Bourbon Street — is a must.

Check out a voodoo shop

Jardin Gris, as seen on the show, isn't a real store, but you can check out shops such as Voodoo Authentica in the French Quarter.

Stay at The Hotel Royal

Kick your feet up at Marcel's place of residence/place of party.

Visit Lafayette Cemetery

A tour of the cemetery where the witches of The Originals practice magic? Yes, please!

Stop by St. Louis Cathedral


The exterior shots of St. Anne's Church (aka the church that housed Davina's lair) are actually of St. Louis Cathedral. St. Louis Cathedral happens to be the oldest cathedral in the United States, and you can take a tour of the historic building.

Swing by Boutique du Vampyre

It's, apparently, one of the only vampire stores in the world. While you're there, scoop up a pair of custom fangs, because treat yo' self.

Take the New Orleans Vampire Tour

Holy beignets, that tour sounds like a dream come true. I want to go right NOW.

Images: Skip Bowlan (3), Bob Mahoney (2), Annette Brown (2)/The CW; Getty Images