New 'OITNB' Poster Raises Questions About Season 3

by Chelsea Mize

Orange Is the New Black never fails to keep us on our toes, and the new promotional poster for Season 3 is no exception. The poster features several votive candles that, rather than being adorned with the faces of saints and divine entities, bear the images of our favorite prison inmates — Red, Crazy Eyes, Chapman, Vause, and Daya. The imagery of this Season 3 poster raises many questions. What does this mean for Season 3? Follow me as I thoroughly analyze this image and postulate about what this new OITNB poster might tell us about Season 3.

Before I take a closer look at the poster, let's take a walk down memory lane and revisit where Orange Is the New Black left us at the end of Season 2. Miss Rosa had just escaped to die in peace, taking out Vee in the process. Piper had tipped of Alex's parole officer of her plans to flee town and, after being caught red-handed with a firearm, it looks like Alex is headed back to Litchfield. Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' had been saved from being wrongly accused of beating Red and Bennett attempted to confess that he was the father of Daya's baby to Caputo, but Caputo tells him to keep his mouth shut.

Now back to the poster. Not only do I want to know what these votive candles symbolize for what's to come in Season 3, airing on June 12, but I also want one or two of these babies to put on my desk. There's nothing more spiritual than letting the scent of Vause waft into my nostrils as I pray to the Netflix gods to give me endless season of OITNB. But what does this poster tell us about what to expect from next season of OITNB? Read on to hear some of my theories.

A New Religious Gang?

In Season 3, Pennsatucky's religious cult makes a comeback and she quickly draws in followers. Aware that she is getting too powerful, Piper and company decide to fight fire with fire and create a religious gang of their own. With Piper at the helm of an oppositional religious movement, Pennsatucky's reign is challenged. Also, Piper's group implements a better business strategy and is able to turn a profit by marketing and selling their own promotional merchandise, including the wildly popular votive candles.

There's Hope For Daya's Future With Bennett

If you look closely, you can just make out the particular symbols on Daya's votive. A baby rattle, a prosthetic leg, a pack of gum, coconuts, and a cartoon drawing. Considering where we left Daya and Bennet in Season 2, this seems hopeful. Season 2 left Bennett and Daya in choppy waters, although Daya's frustration over Bennett's hesitation to confess that he is the father of baby is appeased when he tells Caputo the truth. However, that wasn't the end of things. Based on Daya's votive candle and the symbols present, it would seem that Benett will continue to be a very big part of Daya's life — as well as their baby's life. It also suggests the Daya's passion for drawing will continue to be pursued and perhaps turn into a career for her outside of the prison walls one day.

Vause Is Still Vause

We know Season 3 will bring Vause back to jail with all the other inmates. Based on the artwork surrounding her candle, which is adorned almost exclusively with roses and money (which is what got her in trouble in the first place), it would seem that Alex's character might not have grown much and will quickly resort back to her old ways.

There's Hope For Piper

Piper's votive features some interesting artwork: a screwdriver, a flashlight, a diploma, an engagement ring, and a newspaper. Piper's votive seems to suggest change and growth. The diploma and the newspaper could mean that we might see Piper make a difference within the jail with her newsletter. Perhaps we might even see her get released and go on to pursue a career in journalism? I can only hope. The engagement ring, though, is particularly puzzling. We know that Larry Bloom wont' be back for Season 3. Perhaps this means that Piper and Alex will finally be able to put their differences aside and make it work. After all, there is such a magnetic force between the two of them that somehow keeps bringing them back together despite all the pain they have caused each other.

Crazy Eyes Continues to Mystify

Suzanne aka Crazy Eyes has always been, and continues to be, quite the wild card. So obviously any analysis of her votive in this poster will probably be totally of the mark. Her candles features drama masks, a broom, and an empty book. Perhaps the empty book symbolizes Crazy Eyes wiping her slate clean and starting afresh after being manipulated by Vee in Season 2. The drama masks hopefully symbolize her process of discovering her talents and learning to channel her larger than life personality into pursuits of the dramatic register.

Red Is Back On Top

Red's votive candle gives me eternal hope. Though she is still visible recovering from her attack, based on the artwork on Red's candle, which includes a chicken, yogurt, a spoon, and a potted plant, it seems that Red might be getting back to normal as queen of Litchfield. Watch out, Litchfield, Red is back on top.

Images: Netflix; Giphy (6)