Is Someone Else Trapped In The 'PLL' Dollhouse?

By now it's safe to say that every diehard Pretty Little Liars fan has done their fair share of obsessing over various PLL Season 6 theories throughout this excruciating hiatus. But while many out there have remained focused on unmasking Charles' identity, I've grown all the more curious about who else could be trapped in the PLL dollhouse bunker aside from the Liars and Mona. I mean, think about it — do you really believe these girls are the only ones aside from A that are taking up residence down there? We've only seen a few rooms in this place, but judging by all the hallways, I'd say it's pretty huge, which means there are a lot of places for someone else to be hidden away somewhere. And let's be honest, having someone else show up in the bunker is definitely within this show's wheelhouse of epic surprises.

But who exactly could this mystery person be? Odds are it would more than likely be someone we already know or at the very least have heard an awful lot about. So before we all dive headfirst into the Season 6 premiere, I thought I'd take some time to run down any possible candidates that could be locked up along with the unsuspecting Liars in Charles' bunker of fun. Because something tells me the surprises are only just getting started down there.


There are already clues out there that indicate Bethany could still be alive and well. (Not to mention that bringing people back from the dead has kinda become PLL's specialty.) So there's always a chance that Bethany is locked away in one of the various rooms Charles has. Many fans have speculated that Bethany and Charles share an important connection either genetically or romantically. This would certainly help to give weight to those theories and bring us one step closer to figuring out Charles' endgAme.


Ah, yes. Another character whose body we haven't actually seen with our own two eyes, which leads me to believe that she too could still be very much alive. Several viewers are positive that Maya isn't dead. In fact, some even believe her to be in cahoots with Charles. However, what if she's actually Charles' prisoner and has been trapped in this creepy dollhouse this whole time? I mean, it's entirely possible. And can you imagine the reunion she and Emily would have? It would be EPIC.


Where is Cece these days? It's been a while since we've seen her. Sure, you may have your suspicions as to what she's been up to, but the way I see it, she could be practically anywhere at this point… maybe even trapped in the dark depths of a creepy bunker. Just saying!

The Real Jason

Among many of the theories floating around out there, one of the more prominent ones is the idea that Jason and Charles are actually twins, proving that they were the two boys we saw in that home movie. But what if Charles has been impersonating Jason this entire time? Sure, it could mean that the real Jason is dead. However, it could also mean that he's simply just locked up somewhere for safe keeping. I don't know about you, but I think the dollhouse would be the ideal location for such a kidnapping.


Because, hey, you just never know on this show, right?

Charles Himself

In what would easily be the ultimate twist, what if someone was impersonating Charles, who's actually trapped in the bunker himself? It would be a dirty trick on I. Marlene King's part, given that we would be back to not knowing the first thing about A's identity, but I'm not ruling out any option until that mask comes off.

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