'Empire' Matriarch Cookie Lyon Needs A New Love Interest & These 6 Singers Could Really Spice Things Up

Although fans have only seen one season of Empire, I, for one, am already really invested in the romance between Cookie and Lucious Lyon. I truly believe that they are each other's endgame in the series. But, like I said we only finished one season, so I feel like a lot is going to happen before these two end up together. They've gotta keep the show interesting, right? Plus, Lucious has been a jerk and half (even aside from murdering her cousin) and does not at all deserve her affection — yet. While the chemistry and sexual tension between the exes is palpable, the timing is just all wrong. And it doesn't help that Lucious is stuck in jail. So, in the meantime, Cookie needs to get her groove back and find some sort of distraction while her ex gets himself together. This why I think she needs to date someone else, and the best way to really stick it to Lucious is by getting with famous musician.

That would really get him heated and it would be nice to see her serenaded by some smoking hot R&B singer. We all know that Empire loves grabbing those big names to guest star on the show, so it wouldn't be crazy to suggest an actual singer that we all know and love instead of devising a fictional character out of thin air. I've given this a lot of thought, and there are plenty of contenders who come to mind.

1. Usher

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Usher would definitely be able to connect with Cookie on many levels. They've both been married before and they are both parents to sons. They would both be busy with their own families and careers so there wouldn't be time for drama. Plus, she could help bring him back to the omnipresent superstar that he once was. We could all use a little bit more Usher in our lives, and I could see Cookie being a great manager/girlfriend for the star.

2. Jamie Foxx


Some rumors say that Jamie Foxx is dating Katie Holmes, but I wish that Cookie Lyon was a real person so those two could actually date. Foxx is a single father with daughters so I think he would be a great complement to Cookie. He could definitely woo her with some smooth moves and keep her on toes with some sweet surprises.

3. The Weeknd

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The Weeknd is someone I could never see Cookie dating long-term, but if you listen to any of his songs, you can tell that he's a man who can just make a woman feel some type of way. And I just think that Cookie deserves to feel special and appreciated. A weekend fling with The Weeknd is the way to go.

4. Lenny Kravitz


This one is actually possible because Lenny Kravitz is going to be a guest star on the upcoming season. There hasn't been any word on the details of his role, but I'm hoping that he's gonna reach into the Cookie jar. Lenny Kravitz is eternally sexy and can help bring Cookie out of this Lucious funk and help her relieve some stress, if you know what I'm saying.

5. Brian McKnight

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Based on his music alone, I feel like Brian McKnight would be the most loving boyfriend. It seems like Cookie really has a penchant for bad boys, but a nice dude could be a welcomed change of pace for the diva. And once again, this is another candidate who gets what it's like to be a divorced parent. I would just melt if he serenaded her with "Back At One" in an episode. That classic love song should be enough to win her over.

6. Tyrese Gibson

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Tyrese Gibson was supposed to have a lead role on Empire , but had to turn down the role due to "personal issues," which deeply saddens me since I am a major fan of Tyrese and his hotness. That said, he was really into the idea and explained to TMZ of Taraji P. Henson who he appeared with in Baby Boy: "It's almost like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The whole world wants to see us together." He even added, "No disrespect to Terrence Howard or Eric Luke, but every closer needs an opening act. The closer is coming." He is clearly game to come on the show as a love interest, and I am in complete support of his quest.

No matter who comes on the show, I just really want Cookie to get the love and attention that she deserves. Then Lucious can snap out of his selfish nonsense and have some motivation to step it up for my girl.

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