Is 'Jurassic World' A Good Date Movie? 7 Reasons The Action-Packed Film Is Perfect For You & Your Bae

Do you have an affinity for behemoth prehistoric creatures and movie dates? Of course you do. Who doesn't? Well, lovely readers, you're in luck, because I am fresh from seeing the newly released dino-flick, Jurassic World, and the movie is not only perfect choice for those looking to get their summery action-packed blockbuster fix — it is a prime date movie. Whether it's a first date, third date, or a we-really-need-to-talk-about-where-this-is-going date, the Colin Trevorrow helmed action/adventure feature has something for everyone to enjoy. I, personally, wasn't on a date when I saw the movie (my current relationship status is "pizza and re-watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother "), but the couple sitting in front of me seemed wooed both by the film and each other. Moreover, I think we can all agree that dinosaurs are pretty much the epitome of awesomeness, amiright?

There are a few character-driven subplots weaved throughout the movie's fabric (a staple of Steven Spielberg, who handed the directorial reigns over to Trevorrow, but acted as executive producer for the film) to fuel post-movie discussion with your chosen companion, but the real stars of the film are arguably the ensemble of dinosaurs. Seriously, the intricate details and personality exhibited by each paleontological creature will make you forget that all of Jurassic World's dinosaurs are a product of extensive CGI and other technologies.

Enough small-talk! Let's take a look at the reasons Jurassic World is poised to be the main event for your next big date night. ***Warning: Some Jurassic World spoilers ahead.***

There's A Romantic Subplot

Chris Pratt plays rugged velociraptor whisperer, Owen, and Bryce Dallas Howard plays corporate honcho, Claire. Predictably, they both had a date at some point and there's still a lot of latent romantic tension between them as Owen insinuates Claire should hang out in his bungalow and the like.

This Happens...

Seriously, how do you get better than that? Some whale-a-saur (I made that name up) eats an entire great white shark! AN ENTIRE GREAT WHITE SHARK! This is far from the only epic dino-moment in the film that will make you want to literally shout, "WHOA! THAT WAS AWESOME!" Try not to shout, though, because people are trying to watch the movie.

The Indominus Rex Is Terrifying

Your heart will (hopefully) be fluttering even before you enter your theater of choice, so why not focus that nervous energy into the thrills that Jurassic World delivers? The film features a new, genetically modified dinosaur known as the Indominus rex and she is terrifying. The new dino is basically all about eating everything and killing for sport and — oh yeah — she's ginormous and chock full of sharp teeth, talons, and horns. There's no better excuse to cuddle up to your sweetie than a bloodthirsty behemoth invading the silver screen. I recommend seeing the movie in 3D for some extra thrills. Seriously, guys, I thought the Indominus rex was going to snag some of my popcorn at one point.

You Can Later Bond Over The Absence Of Dr. Ian Malcolm

I know we all were probably aching for a cameo by Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by the inimitable Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic World's antecedents. Well, spoiler alert: he doesn't show up. Sorry. The movie is still phenomenal even without Mr. Goldblum, but you and your date can bond over your shared morose for his lack of presence in the film.

Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson from New Girl plays please-talk-nerdy-to-me tech wiz, Lowery Cruthers. Although he is more of a secondary character in the film, there is no limit on his screen time that can make him any less of a breakout star. There may be no Dr. Ian Malcolm, but Lowery actually serves as a sort of purveyor of callbacks to the original Jurassic Park, with his Jurassic Park emblazoned t-shirt, to his fandom of the original park's anecdotes.

Jimmy Fallon Makes A Cameo

Jimmy Fallon appears as a narrator to some of the rides' safety videos. It's Jimmy Fallon. Do I even need to elaborate on why this is awesome?

T. Rex Is (Back) In The House!

If you were worried that the Indominus rex was going to completely snatch up any possible appearance by the T. rex — never fear! The T. rex takes a little while to truly come into the fold in Jurassic World, but it is well worth the wait. I don't want to give too much away, but there may be an epic scene that actually did make me shout out loud, "THIS IS AWESOME!" No one shushed me, because I think they all agreed.

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