What Your Favorite Fashion Magazine Says About You, From The Pages of 'Nylon' To Anna Wintour's 'Vogue'

Before the Internet (or B.I., as I like to call it), fashion magazines were the only way to get industry news. And kind of like Instagram profiles and Twitter feeds today, your favorite fashion magazine reveals a lot about your style, and unique form of self-expression.

While it’s probably difficult to imagine a world where a big, thick magazine replaces your sleek iPhone, that’s how fashion-minded people would stay in tune and up-to-date with fashion news and trends B.I. In an age before fashion blogs and websites, and before industry insiders shared their professional and personal lives on Twitter and Instagram, there were the original fashion glossies that curated content for their specific style-concerned audiences. And those national publications were the easiest way the average citizen could indulge in the luxury and lavishness of fashion. Almost like a trip down a super stylish and extravagant rabbit hole filled with lust worthy gowns, handbags, and clothes.

While their dynamic certainly shifted with the digital age, fashion magazines still play a big role in the industry today – from throwing parties to hosting awards shows, to maintaining super cool social media profiles. So whether you’re casually reaching for one in the super market, or you eagerly wait for its arrival in the mail (I may or may not be guilty of this), that fashion magazine you read can say a lot about your personal style, your unique tastes, and your aesthetic.

Whether you like to cuddle up with the pages of Vogue, or intently read every single page in Cosmopolitan, here’s what your favorite fashion magazine says about you.


You like the stay current in the culture around you, but you also value the classics. So while you’ll occasionally hop aboard a bandwagon trend — think sandals with socks or '90s revival chokers — you enjoy a classic black clutch and a little black dress just as much, if not more. You’re plugged in to trends and news, and your friends go to you for fashion and style advice. You may or may not have spent way too much money on a new pair of shoes, but it was totally worth it. Right? Right.


You like living to extremes, and you can never have too many purses, bags, or clothes. You’re a self-proclaimed shopaholic, and love searching malls and stores for the best deals in town. Lady Gaga is your muse, and you defend her fashion choices no matter what. W has amazing photography and beautiful layouts in their magazine, and you feel instantly inspired when you read through the latest issue. You like taking fashion to its limit. And guess what, the limit does not exist.


You like bright colors, and aren’t afraid of mixing patterns. You pride yourself in being a pop culture geek, and spend most of your free time going to concerts, watching movies, and planning your next trip to a music festival. You can spot trends a mile away, and you were likely the first person in your friend group to wear overalls and Birkenstocks together. Vintage shopping is your thing, and hunt for the perfect leather jacket is on its fifth year and counting. Because let’s be real, finding the perfect leather jacket is the biggest shopping struggle ever.


Fashion will always be something you’ll be interested in, but your true passion lies in beauty. You could go on for days talking about a new drugstore mascara you discovered and how it’s better than any department store product you could ever find, and you wouldn’t miss an eyelash extension appointment for anything. While Allure does a great job of maintaining that close relationship between fashion and beauty, you’re only reading the fine print for the eyeliner brand and the highlighter product on the model, not her clothes. Because while you love to get dressed, the real magic is in your shimmering eye shadow.


Cosmopolitan is your bible, and you read every issue from cover to cover. You enjoy the crazy guy stories just as much as you do the fashion photo shoots, and reference the magazine for help when getting dressed for a date or for a night on the town. As much as you like to describe your style as fun and flirty, you’re still figuring out what you like. And that’s totally OK, because you can have a different style every single day of the week, and you’d be a happy clam.


You have probably watched The September Issue way too many times, and dream of scavenging the Vogue fashion closet for designer duds. The chances that you save every issue you buy is high, and the chances that you display them on a book shelf are even higher. The truth is, Vogue is arguably the most recognizable fashion magazine in the world. And since fashion is a universal language, it’s the only place to get your industry news and fashion updates. Even if you drool on your tweed, Chanel-inspired jacket in the process. Its OK; I won’t tell Anna Wintour.

Harper’s Bazaar

As the oldest fashion magazine ever, Harper’s Bazaar has been on newsstands for quite a while. But even so, it’s still the first one you reach for because it’s streamlined, focused, and aesthetically pleasing, which is very much the way you like to live your life. You would pick function over beauty any day, but still very much enjoy well-designed and artfully crafted clothing and accessories. While you might not be able to afford every designer piece in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, you always lust after them. Sigh.


Chic, sophisticated, and pretty are probably the top three ways you would describe your style. You’re not much of a trend follower, and you like investing in quality clothing pieces that will last you ages. Cardigans, pencil skirts, and shift dresses are the name of the game for you, and those pieces give you the comfort and confidence to achieve all of your goals. You’re not satisfied with an outfit until you have accessorized correctly, from shoes to necklaces to perfume. Then, you’re ready to go anywhere and do anything.


You like to think of things in terms of “Do” and “Don’t.” Do match your shoes to your purse. Do wear a chic little white dress. Don’t let your thong peek out of your skinny jeans, because frankly, no one actually thinks that’s sexy or alluring. And you know that, because you read Glamour. Unlike most fashion magazines, Glamour entertains and informs all at the same time. And that’s great because you don’t take fashion too seriously. You like dressing up, but you like your pajamas just as much. In fact, you’re probably reading Glamour in your pajamas right now.

It's OK, I do it too.

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