17 Rihanna Outfits That Are Works Of Art Completely Deserving Of A Spot In Every Museum

Over the years, Rihanna has sufficiently proved herself as a style icon. And if a successful collaboration with River Island or a CFDA Fashion Icon Award doesn't do it for you, Rihanna's exquisite outfits surely do.

Rihanna is easily the most anticipated star on every red carpet she's scheduled to appear on, as her style and fashion choices rarely disappoint. After years of curating her wardrobe, from Barbados babe to global trendsetter, she has officially established herself as a leader in the fashion industry, which obviously wouldn't be possible without her outrageous yet amazing style choices.

Year after year, with every event and paparazzi photo taken, we all think Rihanna has out done herself. But little do we know, she has plenty of tricks up her sleeve. If you think her 2015 Met Gala dress was her hitting peak fashion-osity, think again. Because I guarantee you, she's got another jaw-dropped, gasp-enducing dress tucked away in her wardrobe, just waiting for the perfect time to wear it.

So, from a completely sheer diamond dress to a pink gown reminiscent of a loofah, here are 17 Rihanna outfits that are actual masterpieces. Because RiRi doesn't just wear clothes; she wears art.

1. Her Pink Dress At The 2015 Grammy Awards


Ah, the loofah dress. If ever there was a dress that looked like a loofah, it was this one. But, despite it's volume and bubble gum pink shade, Rihanna obviously looked great in it. There aren't very many people on the planet that could pull of a dress of this size and measure, but Rihanna did. And she did it well.

2. Her Red Number On Harper's Bazaar China Cover April 2015

Rihanna knows her way around an ultra-sexy dress. With plenty of cut outs in a alluring, red hue, and an asymmetrical format, this dress has all the characteristics Rihanna could ever wish for in a piece. And it's clear it suited her, because this photo from her cover story with Harper's Bazaar China is gorgeous.

3. Her Lace Gown At The 2011 Met Gala

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Before Rihanna was Rihanna the style icon, she had some learning to do. And while she's a tenured Met Gala attendee, she hasn't always made an entrance like she has the past two years. In 2011, when RiRi had just released her Talk That Talk album, her style was still relatively tame on the red carpets — but this black lace Stella McCartney dress was a show stopper.

4. Her Zac Posen Dress At The 2014 Diamond Ball

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I wish I could say "wow, what a dress," but that's true for basically every dress Rihanna puts on her body. This pink satin Zac Posen creation is absolutely breathtaking. She probably just decided on it last minute and was like, "eh, I guess I can wear this." But, really, wow.

5. Her Sheer Diamond Number At The 2014 CFDA Awards


When Rihanna wins a Fashion Icon award by a board of fashion designers and industry professionals (aka the CFDA), you know she's going to go all out. And she certainly did with this sheer, diamond encrusted gown. This dress certainly brought back memories of the naked dress. Except, you know, Rihanna is basically completely naked. If one things for sure: She certainly owned up to her award that night.

6. Her Dior Suit

The Christian Dior label has always been known for lush designs in luxurious fabrics and colors. And who better to front their campaigns that RiRi herself? With the latest commercial out, and plenty of appearances schedule for the brand, there's no doubt Rihanna will be using her partnership with Dior to hash out the amazing looks. This is only the beginning.

7. Her Crop Top At The 2014 Met Gala

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At 2014's Met Gala, Rihanna was all about the midriff. There's no doubt the midriff trend was in high swing at the time, but Rihanna made it classy and sexy in a white matching gown with a long-sleeved crop top and a maxi skirt. The combination stood out among the other formal, traditional gowns at that year's gala, so it was obviously a success.

8. Her Bralette At The 2014 American Music Awards


Another midriff baring ensemble was the one Rihanna wore that same year to the American Music Awards. While this outfit was all black and involved lots of lace, it was just as chic and sexy as the version she wore to the Met Gala. Her sleek hair and diamond bangles only add to her shine.

9. Her Fur Coat At Coachella 2015

While most people would be concerned about ruining their clothes in the dust and dirt of Palm Springs, Rihanna only embraces it. At the latest Coachella music festival, she wore a purple fur jacket. Did I mention that Palm Springs is in a desert? No, it obviously made no difference for Rihanna. And that, in itself, is commendable.

10. Her Satin Blazer At The 2014 British Fashion Awards

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who needs pants? Obviously not Rihanna. Her satin tuxedo jacket and lack of matching trousers is so artfully beautiful. I could never step out of the house like that, let alone step onto a red carpet like that. But I guess that's the fundamental difference between me and RiRi: one of us needs pants, and the other doesn't. Sigh.

11. Her Yellow Dress On ELLE Magazine's December 2014 Issue

As we've witnessed, Rihanna makes a great cover star. But beyond her beauty and absolute gorgeousness is her uncanny ability to pick and choose clothing that no only fits her super well, but also makes a statement. Exhibit A: the ELLE Magazine cover from December 2014. Need I say more?

Didn't think so.

12. Her White Turtleneck At The 2010 Grammy Awards


I'm not exactly sure what's going on with this dress, but isn't it dreamy? From the feathered and laced bodice to the long, gathered skirt. Rihanna looks like a bird in this dress, but a beautiful bird that you just don't want to stop looking at.

13. Her Mini Dress At A Dior Fashion Show In 2014

So, if you invite Rihanna to a fashion show just know that she's going to outshine the models. Which is exactly what happened at the Dior Fashion show that Rihanna attended in a LBD, a red fur stole, and black platforms and pearls to match. Plus, check out those tights and garter belt. Do you think she'll let me borrow this outfit? Because it's flawless.

14. Her Iconic Red Gown At The 2013 Grammy Awards


Picking a favorite Rihanna look is like picking a favorite child: nearly impossible and totally unfair. That being said, this red dress RiRi wore to the 2013 Grammy's really resonated with me. Maybe it's how tame the dress is, so conservative and fluid. Maybe it's the beautiful color. Maybe it's the flowing train. Either way, this look is absolutely stunning.

15. Her Pink Robe For The Spring/Summer 2014 Balmain Campaign

Obviously, when you become a certified fashion icon you're going to be recognized for it. And what better way than to star in a designer's campaign? Balmain is a classic, high fashion brand and Rihanna looks absolutely stunning in their spring/summer 2014 campaign. Who knew she could make houndstooth and lace boots so sexy?

16. Her Pasties At The 2014 AMFAR Gala


If a piece of clothing takes guts to wear, Rihanna's probably all for it. While there are certainly quite a few of these dresses that can be filled under that category, this one tops it. While cut outs and sheer fabric are certainly risks in clothing, never have they been combined like they are in this gown. With a bodice that's almost completely sheer, this proves Rihanna's not really shy about anything. That is, if you ever had a doubt about it before.

17. Her Enormous Gown At The 2015 Met Gala


And last but not least, that wonderfully beautiful yet curiously confusing gown from the Met Gala. If I've ever seen a train, that's it. There were definitely some haters that voiced their opinion about Rihanna's choice for the latest Met Gala, but there's no doubt she rocked that dress and look confident and poised while doing it. But if any piece of clothing were ever a work of art, it was this one.

Well done, RiRi. Well done.

Images: Getty, Giphy, badgalriri/Instagram