7 Mariah Carey Lyrics About Love & Relationships To Celebrate The Legendary Singer's Possible New Romance

Years ago, in a strange, captivating time known as the early '90s, Mariah Carey sang about having a vision of love... and now it's all listed on her Match dating profile. That may sound like a surprising move for an international pop diva who's endured a public split from her husband Nick Cannon, but it’s totally true — Carey approves of dating apps. They seem to be working for her, actually, based on the recent sighting of Carey and her rumored new beau, Australian businessman James Packer. On Friday, the “Infinity” singer was seen strolling hand-in-hand in Capri with her alleged new beau. Does this mean Mimi plans to put her profile on permanent ice? Who knows — but for now, the maybe-couple certainly appear to be totally into one another.

All that’s left to say is Yay, Mariah! She’s been through some tough times both in her personal and professional life within the past year, so, as a fan, it’s good to know that she’s doing well in the romance department. The feeling of joy I have about this news could easily be summed up if I hit one of Carey's signature high notes, but in the meantime, I’ll spare my vocal cords and settle for commemorating this budding romance with seven of Mimi's best love-laced lyrics:

"I still believe/ Someday you and me/ Will find ourselves in love again" — "I Still Believe"

Mimi knows of what she speaks. She kept her faith in love and so far, it seems to be working out in her favor.

"I want a lover who knows me/ Who understands how I feel inside" — "Dreamlover"

Because when it comes to love, it's absolutely crucial to be with someone who totally gets you.

"If you should return to me/ We truly were meant to be/ So spread your wings and fly"— "Butterfly"

In addition to sounding like a really mature way of breaking up, Mimi's "Butterfly" lyrics also provide the key to making long-distance relationships work.

"Make my wish come true/ All I want for Christmas is you" — "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Mimi can cross at least one item off her holiday wishlist, thanks to her new beau. Clearly, she knows you can't put a price tag on love.

"Who else am I gon' lean on/ When times get rough" — "We Belong Together"

Sometimes having that special someone to lean on is the most important thing in a relationship, and Mimi knows that.

"Oh, I can't be elusive with you, honey" — "Honey"

Even though she released an entire album that was all about being an elusive chanteuse, even Carey knows that sometimes you have to put yourself out there in order to find love.

"Touch my body/ Know you like my curves/ Come on and give me what I deserve" — "Touch My Body"

Well, we know how Carey feels about her curves, but it's nice to know she has a special someone who appreciates them too.Images: Giphy (7)