7 Kaitlyn Comments That 'Bachelorette' Fans Are Tired Of Hearing, From The Stupid To The Downright Sexist

I don't know if you guys know this, but not everyone out there is totally thrilled that the guys chose Kailtlyn Bristowe to be the Bachelorette. Not only are there a bunch of people out there who have been all for Britt ever since she made her tearful exit from Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, but even some of Kaitlyn's fans have turned against her over the course of the season, including some of the guys who made it into the Bachelorette mansion. But, you know what? All of these criticisms that Kaitlyn is facing are B.S., and I'm tired of hearing them.

Perhaps the biggest problem that people have with Kaitlyn is the fact that she has sex with one of the guys long before the Fantasy Suite is even a viable option. What's even more unfortunate is that it's not just Twitter trolls who are out there busting Kaitlyn's chops — the guys are doing it, too. And on camera, no less! First it was Kupah, then Ian put the final nail in his coffin, and honestly, I'm starting to hope that she skips the rose ceremonies from now on and just sends guys home face-to-face, because it's just so much more satisfying to watch her shut this s**t down.

But, whatever, that's not the point right now. What is the point is that Kaitlyn doesn't deserve the criticism and scrutiny she's currently dealing with in her search for love, no matter who it's coming from. Here are seven criticisms that Kaitlyn and Bachelorette fans are tired of hearing.

1. "She Shouldn't Be Making Out With Everyone"

Please. She can make out with whomever she wants, whenever she wants, and for however long she wants to. When you date someone and have chemistry, you kiss. Besides, did anyone even see Chris Soules' season? He was mackin' on everyone at all times, and while, sure, he got some heat for it, it wasn't nearly as bad as the flak Kaitlyn's getting.

2. "She Shouldn't Have Let Nick Join The Show"

I hated how angry all the guys got when Kaitlyn told them that she wanted to let Nick come on four weeks in. It's her journey to find her husband, and, like she said, she would be doing herself a disservice to not explore her feelings for him just because it's what the guys would have preferred. His presence doesn't take away from her relationships or connections with the others — her one-on-one with Shawn was proof of that.

3. "She Shouldn't Be Having Sex"

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I can't even with this comment anymore. She's a 30-year-old woman, and if she wants to have sex with someone she's dating, she's completely within her rights to do so. Just because she's in an unorthodox dating situation doesn't mean she should shut herself down sexually or act in ways that she thinks others want her to instead of how she wants to. And besides, would the guys have preferred she had sex with someone and not told them, only for them to find out months later when the show aired? Her honesty is to be admired, not shamed as it has been.

4. She Shouldn't Be Joking Around So Much

I still remember Kaitlyn's first knock knock joke from the premiere: "Knock knock. Who's there? Two Bachelorettes. Two Bachelorettes who? That's the joke!" I personally loved it, and I thought it was a great way to deal with her feelings about competing against Britt for the title. I'm sure some people found it "disrespectful the process," or whatever, but it's just who Kaitlyn is. She has an awesome sense of humor, and she jokes around just as much as she's serious. It's nice to see a Bachelorette behaving in a way that's not overly demure — she's just being herself.

5. Her Group Dates Are Weird

OK, so I'll admit that the boxing date probably wasn't the best idea, but mostly these dates are AWESOME. I can think of three off the top of my head already that I would have wanted to go on. So what if the guys are more shirtless than not? Most dates on The Bachelor have the girls in bathing suits, and you don't see anyone complaining then.

6. She Should Make More Of An Effort With More Of The Guys

I think some people are unhappy with the fact that she seems so focused on some of the guys, whereas others have kind of fallen by the wayside and gotten sent home without really having gotten a chance. First of all, the power of TV editing doesn't show the whole story, so Kaitlyn may have spent a lot more time with some of the lesser-known guys that we just didn't see. Second of all, THAT'S HOW CHEMISTRY WORKS. You're drawn to certain people more than others. She shouldn't be penalized for having feelings.

7. She Doesn't Respect The "Bachelorette" Title Like Britt Would Have

Sorry, this is just false. Kaitlyn and Britt are two different women and react to things in different ways. No one can say how Britt would have treated the title because she never received it. This argument holds no water.

Long story short: Lay off of Kaitlyn, haters. Just let her find love in her own way and keep your dumb critiques yourself. In the words of Kaitlyn Bristowe, "Toodaloo."

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