'Full House' Loves Summer Just As Much As You Do

by Nicole Pomarico

I'm fully ready to admit that there are plenty of things to love about every season — the holidays in winter, pumpkin spice everything in the fall, and flowers in the spring — but summer is the best one of them all. There are more hours of sunshine, which is perfect for day trips and pool days and beach vacations on the weekends. If you're with me so far, there's a certain family who just so happens to understand us, too: The Tanners. Yep, the family from Full House . Even though plenty of the show's episodes take place during the school year, Full House proves that the Tanners know how to party in the summer, too.

OK, so they had it easier than most of us. Living in San Francisco, they experience way more days in the sun every year than those of us who lived in most other states, so clearly they are experts on this whole summer thing. And, surprisingly enough, even though the Tanners are generally pretty tame people who love hugging each other, when summer comes around, all bets are off.

Also, bonus perk: Their summer activities serve as an awesome travel guide, just in case you can't figure out where you want to go on vacation this year. Hey, thanks, Danny!

1. The Time They Went To Summer Camp

For many of us, summer as a kid meant spending at least a week at camp, and the Tanners were no exception. DJ, Steve, and Kimmy are counselors — although, seriously, I would never have hired Kimmy as a counselor if I was the camp director — and Stephanie and Michelle are campers... and Michelle, troublemaker that she is, ends up bringing home a rabbit she finds while she is at camp. Obvs, she names him Gilbert, because that's totally a rabbit name. Why isn't there summer camp for grown ups?!

2. Their Obsession With The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys, as a band, are the epitome of summer, and I feel like the Tanners bring up how much they love them at least once an episode. Of course, when the rest of us love a band, we don't end up on stage with them (or inviting them into our homes) but again, this is because the Tanners Know. How. To. Party.

3. When They Did It Up Right In Disney World

As someone who visits Disney World a couple of times a year thanks to my proximity to it and obsession with constantly emptying my bank account on Mickey shaped food items, I have to give the Tanners props for this one. They did Disney World the right way — expensive hotel, swimming with the sharks, a tea party with the princesses. Um, can I come with you guys next time?

4. And When They Partied In Hawaii

Danny surprises the family with a trip to Hawaii — something my dad has never done, ugh — and they do literally everything there is to do in Hawaii: Surfing, wearing colorful leis, going to a luau, talking about spooky local legends. If any episode was going to make you wish you were a Tanner in the summer, this was it. Also, how is it possible that Jesse ends up performing on every family vacation?

5. Their Lake Tahoe Vacation

OK, so Lake Tahoe is no Disney World and it's certainly no Hawaii, but it still looks like fun. You know, mostly because DJ wins the jackpot in the casino even though she is 10. Which, by the way, is probably something that never happens in real life, proving that Full House is infinity times better than reality.

6. When Michelle & Stephanie Tried To Sneak To New Zealand

When DJ comes back from her summer in Barcelona, Stephanie and Michelle feel super left out, so they do the only logical thing there is to do: Sneak on a plane to New Zealand. Why? Because they're hardcore as hell about summer vacation. They literally fly to New Zealand and then come right on back home. And in 2015, this would literally never happen, so any dreams of reenacting this in real life have been dashed.

Dear Tanners: Please never go on vacation without me again.

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