5 Ways To Style Winter Clothes In Late Summer

by Melodi Erdogan

Summer is usually not sweater weather, but that doesn't mean your favorite knits have to collect dust all season long. There are plenty of different ways to wear winter clothes in the summer, especially late summer. Sure, the remnants of seasonal heat and humidity are justifiable reasons to avoid any piece of clothing that might make you hot. So we usually get dressed in the lightest, most breathable pieces we own because no one wants to sweat the day away. Your favorite rainbow faux fur jacket and that cashmere sweater dress you rocked last fall shouldn't have to be neglected, though.

If I had it my way, it would be autumn all year round. I absolutely hate everything about summer weather, from the beating sun on my face to feeling like I'm perpetually walking through a sauna. I love dressing for cooler weather, so come summertime it's important to me to still reach for my sweaters. You might call me crazy and illogical, but I like experimenting with sweaters and finding creative ways to wear them sans my favorite pair of wool leggings.

In an effort to inspire your late summer style with your favorite winter wardrobe pieces, and to give you proof that you can rock wool and cashmere this August and September and still look totally cool, here are seven ways to wear your favorite winter clothing items in the summer.

1. Sweater & High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are a staple in most people's summer wardrobe because of their modern yet retro vibes and easy-to-wear-with-anything power. That goes for styling your favorite winter sweater as well.

Even though you might be inclined to wear the sweater with a layer beneath it in case you get a bit warm, it’s best to wear it your light sweater alone this time of year. Pair it with your favorite denim shorts, and voila. The shorts balance out the long sleeves, but also make it so that you don’t burn up if you do catch some sun. Plus, doesn’t this combination just exude California cool? Throw on some dark sunglasses and a pair of strappy sandals and you’re basically an L.A. girl already.

2. Bomber Jacket & Jeans

A clothing item that has warmth to it yet is light in style can certainly be worn all year long with some extra attention — provided you get a few chilly summer nights of course.

Most of us love a good pair of jeans, and jeans almost always look fabulous with a basic combination. What gets more basic than a tank top? I always recommend a third piece, though, and for that there's nothing quite better than a beloved bomber jacket. A quilted version like mine will not only add some extra pizazz to an outfit but will also keep you warm on those cool summer nights when the breeze picks up or the rain refuses to let out. Or, you know, when the air conditioning is too cold for you.

3. Long Sleeve Shirt & Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are comfy enough to make you feel like you should be walking to the ocean, and that's why they're a great piece for the warmer months. Plus, they look amazing paired with a light and airy long sleeve T-shirt.

Maxi skirts, like my gray tulip version, look great with basic long sleeves with the cuffs rolled up. The skirt and the shirt mesh well instead of competing against each other. Plus, what’s more comfortable than a cotton outfit? Say no to itchy clothes this end-of-summer season.

4. Long Sleeve Button Down & Leggings

Just like shorts, leggings have become a year-round staple. No one can deny their comfort or ease, so they obviously make perfect summer pieces. Now, just pair them with the crisp button-down you usually save for cold autumn mornings and your summer ensemble is set.

The long sleeves on this blouse balance out the thin and narrow fit of the leggings. While it’s definitely a more casual combination, it can be dressed up with heels and cute personalized jewelry. The baggy fit of the blouse allows for a good amount of airiness so you don’t feel suffocated by the collar or long sleeves. Since you’re wearing leggings, you'll basically be the most comfortable human being on Earth.

5. Sweater & Mini Skirt

What I like about this sweater is the short sleeves that end near my elbows that aren’t too overbearing in the hot temperatures. Plus, it looks great and feels comfortable with this mini skirt.

A lighter, cropped sweater like this looks just as chic with more voluminous skirts as it does with fitted ones. Any skirt that gives you balance and harmony with the sweater is a pretty good go-to.

Now excuse me while I carry on my merry end-of-summer way in a brilliant fleece and short shorts. There really is no better combo.

Images: Melodi Erdogan