The 19 Best, Yellowest 'Minions' Memes & Gifs

Celebrities, they're just like us. And there are currently no bigger celebrities than Minions. Which must mean that Minions are just like us... right? Granted, most of us have never had a record-setting weekend at the box office, or had Jon Hamm gush about us, but as these amazing Minions memes and gifs show, that doesn't mean Minions are so dissimilar from the rest of the population. I've been known to swear on occasion, goddamnit, and so have the Minions. I'm a big fan of wiener dogs, just like Minions. And I know plenty of people who use tampons, which, for some reason, now exist in Minion form.

But Minions are similar to everyday people in other ways, too. They may be amorphous, yellow, gibberish-speaking creatures, but they often exhibit some very human-like traits. Especially when it comes to failing at completing every day tasks. The struggle is real for Minions, just like it is for everybody else. The similarities are easy to spot, because not only is Minions destroying its competition in theaters, but the little guys are also taking over the internet, one photoshopped picture at a time. So to celebrate our brothers from another... animation studio, I've compiled a list of 19 examples of the Minions being just like us:

1. They Try To Make Housework Fun, And Fail

No matter how much Kanye you blast, vacuuming is just not enjoyable.

2. They Try To Eat Healthy

In theory, it's great.

3. But Always Succumb To The Siren Call Of Junk Food

I'll try again next week, okay?

4. They Get Way Too Excited For The Weekend


5. But Temper Their Excitement By Admitting That They're Oversaturated


6. They're Known to Lose It On Public Transportation

Those commutes can get rough.

7. And Can Be A Little Immature At Times

Can't we all?

8. Sometimes They Need A Hug

When you've had a rough day, sometimes all you need is affection.

9. And Other Times, They Don't Want To Be Bothered

Can't you see I have my headphones in?!

10. They Often Have Trouble With Words

At eight in the morning, nothing makes sense.

11. ...And Objects

Or two in the morning, after a couple too many drinks.

12. Their Parties Don't Always Go According To Plan

You said there'd be guac!

13. But They Know How To Bust A Move When The Time Comes

I got the shopping cart down.

14. They've Had Awkward Experiences In Bed

Who hasn't?

15. And Their Love Lives Could Use A Little Work

As your relatives are all too happy to point out.

16. But They Still Know They're Sexy As Hell

Oh, yeah.

17. They Appreciate Irony

Everyone gets a good joke.

18. And Know How To Make An Exit

Leaving in style.

19. And Finally, They're Tired of Theresa's BS

Seriously, Theresa, what the hell?

Oh, those Minions, always breaking the Internet one banana-caused frenzy at a time.

Images: Universal Pictures; Giphy (15); memegenerator.net (1, 2); quickmeme.com; memes.com