5 Things Every Gemini Needs To Know About Sex

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What's the recipe for the best sex for Geminis? For a good time, sext with a Virgo. It's the best foreplay for a Gemini, says Amy Javier, creator of Style Mystic, who is an astrology, wellness and tantra expert based in New York City and Hong Kong. Virgos are good sexting partners for Geminis because they're on the same level: Witty and charming conversations are both signs' métiers. Whether you try some freestyle sexting (try the two girls holding hands + the scissors emoji for a suggestive proposal), go slightly conceptual (open-mouthed smiley face emoji, anyone?) or just stick with the basics (we all know what lips + tongue means), sexting is where its at for airy Gemini and her Virgo lover.

But that doesn't mean that Virgo is necessarily in it to win it for good, Javier says. For real relationship material, look no further than the nearest dapper Sagittarius, Javier says. The connection will be deep, and the sex likely so explosive that it could lead to marriage, she says — it's that good! Javier, who works with women in connecting to their hearts and sensuality, likes to help women "unleash [their] sexy and truest nature[s] as goddess[es]." When she's not performing such noble duties, she's a damn good astrologer, and she likes to divine Gemini best sex practices to help you unleash your sexy and truest nature as a goddess in the bedroom too. Cheers to that.

1. Buckle Your Seatbelt For Some Tantric Oral Sex

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Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, which makes for quite a combo. You know what else it makes for? Great — or more specifically tantric — oral sex, "the most favored position of Geminis," says Javier. "Geminis are known as the twins in the zodiacal charts, and they represent duality, the number 2 and being responsive (AKA they love to receive pleasure). They are [also] good at exchanging ideas." Hence oral sex, says Javier: "What better idea to exchange than in having pleasure in a way that both partners enjoy each other to the fullest?" So do some deep breathing, pop in some Mozart, and get ready for the ride of your life.

For oral sex, Javier says, "The ancient wisdom of India scriptures known as the Kama Sutra explains that this is the best way for both partners to get into everything about the other." There's more to this than the obvious reasons, she explains: "It's the smell of each others' pheromones that causes a natural physical response of wanting to be pleasured. The pheromones have a scent that will attract the opposite sex and drive them wild."

"Gemini rules the hands, lungs and the thymus gland (the throat)," she says. If you give a blow job, which is "considered one of the best treats for a Gemini," try taking it to "the level of 'deep throating,'" she says.

2. 1-800 Sagittarius

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If you're a Gem, you might want to give Sagittarius a chance. "Sagittarius and Gemini make a great sensual and pleasurable connection," Javier says. "They are both intrigued by the others' perspective of sex and play. It is very sexy for Sagittarius to have a lover that has beauty, intellect and the quirkiness that Gemini has under her stars belt. Sagittarius are a bit mysterious and surprising for Gemini, and they like this. Mystery is Gemini's forte."

But you probably shouldn't tap a Sag for a random hookup, she says. "Long-term sexual partners is a sure game for both signs, because they truly enjoy each other and what they have to offer the other," she says. But just because a Gem/Sag connection is best suited for an LTR doesn't mean the sex has to be vanilla: "Sex is hot to the point where marriage may come up for these couples. The sex is that amazing!" One caveat: "Sagittarius has to stay funny and light-hearted in all matters to captivate Gemini for the long run. And Gemini must keep the mystery that he or she knows oh-so well." Mmm hmm.

3. You Make A Good Midnight Snack

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Gems love to be "devoured" by their lovers, Javier says. "Geminis like power play, and they love to be taken to the bedroom by the arm. Actually, they like to be taken and devoured anywhere in the house, in the backyard, in the forest, in the deep, mystical woods. They love adventure, and for their partner to not be afraid to take the lead in sex."

4. Nothing Is Off The Table

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Geminis "like to play with fire," Javier says. "The naughtier it gets, the better. Gemini likes to put air to the fire (Gems are air signs), and they love to be loved. Geminis are especially able to be taken into ecstasy by their lovers, and love as much to take their lovers into the highest bliss possible. They love to take things up a notch to the point where sex becomes so good, it may as well become someone's religion." Amen.

5. Sext With A Virgo

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A little #bant really ramps things up between Gemini and Virgo. "This match is great when it comes to sexting, and playful and engaging conversations. Virgo tends to be stable and want to wait things out until they are able to show their wild side. Gemini is always ready and loves to bring out the beast out of Virgo's conservative ways." So dust off your eggplant emoji and repair to the nearest smartphone — and perhaps a pen and paper, for a quick pro/con list: "Virgos like to examine their lovers, noting their pros and cons, their strengths and weaknesses." Keep it tight and stay on your toes. Virgos are "full of surprises," Javier says, and "Gemini lovers are too. These two hit it off great."