Lindsay Lohan's Makeup-Free Selfie Is A Stunner

Lindsay Lohan has obviously had an interesting past few years (heck, decade), but based on one of her most recent IG uploads, the future is looking all kinds of bright. Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan posted a makeup-free selfie and appeared beyond radiant. It's so great to see this superstar happy, healthy, and glowing.

Things are on the up and up for Lohan. After 7 intense years, she's officially off probation, her sheer summer dress game is on point, and she's open to finding true love (on Tinder like the rest of us).

While Lohan's IG account proves she still knows how to party, her makeup-free picture reveals the celeb has turned a corner and is all about that body-positive pride. Instead of overdone makeup and tired eyes, her gorgeous selfie reminds us of the cheerful starlet the we all fell in love with in Parent Trap and Mean Girls. With her natural and signature red hair and sweet freckles in full view, Lohan is really coming back into her own.

Also, can we stop and appreciate her beach vacay style? Girl is rocking that light blue lace bikini, teeny tiny earrings, and stunning matching minimalist tattoos on each arm. Enjoy the beach Miss Lohan, and don't forget sunscreen!

P.S. I kind of want to be on her vacation, too! Maybe she can pick me up in her private jet.

So we can party poolside.

And oceanside.


Image Credit: Lindsay Lohan/Instagram(4)