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I Tried Bella Hadid's New "Mood Boosting" Perfumes & I Have Thoughts

Spoiler: Blooming Fire is already my personal fave.

Bella Hadid just dropped three perfumes. Here's an honest review of the 'Ôrəbella scents.
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Since the end of February, Bella Hadid has teased a new venture in 'Ôrəbella.

The only clue in her inaugural Instagram post was that the brand would “reveal your alchemy,” and Internet sleuths have spent months speculating about what that might possibly mean. Could it be a skin care line, à la Hailey Bieber’s Rhode? A collection of chic jewelry that Hadid herself might wear? Or perhaps a cool girl clothing collection like her sister Gigi’s Guest in Residence?

The time has finally come for the hotly anticipated reveal...and we got our hands on the products while they were still top secret.

Meet 'Ôrəbella By Bella Hadid

Ôrəbella, which officially launches on May 2, is a line of fragrances that are quite unlike anything else on the market.

The brand’s three genderless scents — BLOOMING FIRE, WINDOW2SOUL, and SALTED MUSE — were crafted using aromatherapy designed to boost your mood and personal aura. Unlike most fragrances on the market, which use alcohol as a base, ‘Ôrəbella opts for essential oils blended into a skin-friendly oil that won’t cause irritation on sensitive complexions.

Each perfume is crafted using an oil blend — made from buzzy ingredients, including snow mushroom and camellia, almond, olive, jojoba, and shea oils — that infuses the skin with scent and hydration in every spritz. To get the most out of the bi-phase formula, you’ll need to shake it before you apply.

Elizaveta Porodina

Available in three different sizes — a 50mL bottle for $72, a 100mL version for $100, as well as a 10mL travel size for $35 — the brand is also offering a gilded perfume stand ($35) that perfectly fits your new signature scent. The fragrances will be available to shop on 'Ôrəbella’s website on May 2, and at Ulta on May 10.

An Honest Review Of ‘Ôrəbella

Ahead of 'Ôrəbella’s launch, I got my hands on the brand’s first three scents — and as someone who previously worked at one of the industry’s biggest fragrance houses, I can be quite the critic.

Here is an honest, unfiltered review before you add to cart.


Upon first opening BLOOMING FIRE, I immediately fell in love with the stunningly raw shape of the glass bottle, which look as natural and faceted as a real crystal. While the branding is minimal — which I tend to appreciate — I loved the “bkh” initials and “222” angel number engraving that were hidden within each cap.

Said to transport the senses to a tropical oasis, this scent is a balanced dance between the aromas of Tahitian monoi flower, woody patchouli, spiced cardamom, and vibrant bergamot.

William Callan

The heart of this perfume is the tropical monoi flower, which smells beachy and buttery — almost like a decadent tanning lotion. The long-lasting patchouli and spicy cardamom notes are undoubtedly earthy and grounded by nature, though its brighter notes — namely the exotic bergamot — add a sun-drenched heat to the scent that feels endlessly sensual and daring.

In other words? BLOOMING FIRE might just be my signature scent for the summertime months ahead.


The most distinctively floral perfume of the three so far, WINDOW2SOUL is a mint and lemon-drenched bouquet of sheer rose, timelessly elegant jasmine petals, and earthy geranium. Its tonka bean note lies close to the skin.

William Callan

WINDOW2SOUL is a transparent floral scent, with the freshness of lemon most present at first spritz. Although there is vanilla aroma in the formula, it’s subtle and doesn’t feel overly gourmand — it’s slightly reminiscent of sugary lemon squares in the best possible way.

Personally, I found this fragrance a bit too lightweight and soft for my liking, though those who prefer barely-there, ultra-sheer floral scents would be fans.


Defined as a “woody marine” perfume, SALTED MUSE is brimming with the aromas of whimsical sea salt, enlivened pink peppercorn, warm amber, a woodsy olive tree accord, and hints of aromatic, dreamy lavender.

William Callan

While all of 'Ôrəbella’s scents are gender fluid, IMO, SALTED MUSE reads as the most traditionally masculine-leaning — chiefly due to its oceanic vibe and woody notes. Personally, I can see myself sharing this perfume with my husband, especially throughout the warm summer months into early fall.

The Final Verdict

In a few words, 'Ôrəbella is a beautiful brand that somehow feels distinctly “Bella,” as it is entwined with her spiritual essence.

As the skin-nourishing formula has a creamy, serum-like consistency, I recommend spritzing directly onto skin to reap all of the benefits (instead of applying the scent to your clothing).

All in all: I’ve been wearing BLOOMING FIRE ever since I’ve gotten my hands on it, and 'Ôrəbella as a whole has very much surprised me in the best way. Her scents are akin to one of those small-town apothecaries that are filled with swoon-worthy, essential oil-filled, one-of-a-kind aromas — though she’s managed to create perfumes that are endlessly chic, mature, artful, and earth-inspired all the same. Obsessed.