15 Cute Birthday Cake Tattoos Ideas That Are Sentimental & Sweet

Each one is cuter than the next.

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If you’re on a mission to collect as much adorable ink as possible, consider adding a birthday cake motif into the mix. On TikTok, birthday cake tattoos have over 18 million views — and each one is cuter than the next.

Food tattoos, especially dessert-themed ones, are having a moment, says Lorena Lorenzo, a tattoo artist and owner of Indigo ArTattoos in Toronto, Canada. It’s on-trend to decorate yourself with cherries, strawberries, an ice cream cone — or whatever else speaks to your love of food. Tattoos like these tend to pop up at flash sales, Lorenzo says, which is where they take off in popularity. If you’re a fan of ironic patchwork tattoos, a birthday cake will fit right into your sleeve. (They also look great all on their own.)

According to Lorenzo, cake tattoos range in style from realism to American traditional — and everything in between. Nothing’s sweeter than a minimalist fine line tattoo or one with a little bit of color to make the cake layers, sprinkles, or birthday candles pop.

As it goes with patchwork tattoos, you can get one on a random Tuesday just for fun. But cake tattoos are the obvious choice if you’re looking to get tatted on your actual birthday, too. What could be better than a little slice of cake to commemorate a milestone? Below, 15 birthday cake tattoo ideas to inspire your next work of art.

Fine Line

A simple fine line tattoo — like this one with a single candle — is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

Cartoon Cake

Birthday cake tattoos call for a pop of color, like this one with Funfetti details and a cartoony candle. Color can also be added to the layers, the icing, or the plate for pretty details that make the tattoo your own.

A Cake You Baked

Birthday cake tattoos are easy to personalize, whether you go for a certain number of candles on top or a favorite flavor. This mini cake was based on one the client baked herself.

Fancy Layered Cake

There’s something so fancy about a layered cake, like this one, on the back of an arm. It’s the perfect stand-alone piece.

Strawberries On Top

Mix your love of strawberries and cake into one with a sweet strawberry cheesecake slice.

Fruity Sponge Cake

Any fan of The Great British Baking Show will appreciate your artwork, especially if it’s as detailed as this tangerine cake complete with perfectly layered sponge.

Simple Slice

Keep things simple with a chic slice. Some artists go for hyper-real designs that look good enough to eat.

Icing Hearts

One of the best things about birthday cake tattoos? You can decorate them any way you like — just like an actual bake.

Cutesy Cupcake

Another option? Show off your love for baking with a cutesy cupcake. They are mini cakes, after all.

Patchwork Pastel

Cake tattoos like this fine line will be done in a flash.

Birthday Message

A birthday cake tattoo is the perfect canvas for a personalized message. Just imagine what you could write between the candles.

Lucky Number 7

Hide other messages to yourself within your cake tattoo, like your lucky number represented by candles.

Colorful Cake

Go wild with colorful icing, candles, fondant, and buttercream.

Cherries Jubilee

This tiny tat still holds a lot of detail including shiny cherries, pink rosettes, and pretty piping.

Fancy Fondant

This 3-D puffy heart cake is everything.


Lorena Lorenzo, tattoo artist, owner of Indigo ArTattoos in Toronto, Canada

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