10 Tattoo Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Summer

Hint: florals are getting a revamp.

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Summertime, for many people, means showing off a little more skin, and all that blank canvas may have you itching for some ink. If you’re considering a new tattoo (or your first), then you may also be curious about summer 2022’s tattoo trends.

The options for tattoo designs are near endless, but Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Jaz Paulino of High Hopes Tattoo says expect to start seeing a few “tacky” ’90s trends be reimagined. Meanwhile, artist Pobi of Ink & Water Tattoo in Brooklyn expects realism to give way to more playful creations, and traveling tattoo artist More Madeleine thinks you’ll notice more tattoos that are all about self-reflection.

No matter what you decide to get, each artist stresses the importance of doing your research, choosing an artist whose vibe aligns with your own, and trusting your instincts. “Make sure the only opinion you’re relying on is your own,” Pobi says. “People tend to overthink when they get a lot of different opinions — go with your intuition.” And remember to follow your artist’s instructions closely when it comes to tattoo aftercare. Specifics could vary by artist, design, or even climate but they often include avoiding baths, swimming, and direct sunlight, plus keeping the area properly moisturized.

Ready to know what made the hot list? Scroll on for 10 summer tattoo trends that are sure to inspire your next work of body art.



Floral tattoos are near limitless and totally timeless, but Paulino says she’s seeing people lean more into plants and other greenery, evidenced by this minimalist olive branch tat.


Tail Tats

Y2K everything is having a revival, and so it’s only right that lower back tattoos (or “tail tats”) have their time to shine, too. Paulino predicts ink like these finger hearts will be peaking out from bikini bottoms this sunny season.


Pet Tributes

Whether it’s for a beloved turtle or cuddly cat, Paulino says also expect to see more tributes to pets with portraits and other artwork. This ink features the letter “M” flanked in paw prints.


Minimalist Ink

Minimalist linework tattoos have been hot for a while now, and Madeleine say the tattoo style will continue to rule summer 2022. Here, check out this cheeky self-love juice box in red ink.



Credit it perhaps to many people’s desire to ground themselves, but Madeleine expects ink that reflects nature and outdoor activities to trend all summer long — take inspo from this graphic campfire scene.



While there will always be a place for realism, Pobi says, cartoon-like doodles that reflect the artist’s unique style will be popular this summer. Let this adorable rainbow with happy-faced clouds inspire your next ink.



Paulino says while some may think rose tattoos to be “played out” or “overdone,” she’s a huge fan of the classic flower. Consider one like this long-stemmed, dreamy version.



Madeleine says expect to see ink that represents self-reflection or some sort of internal realization this summer. This text tattoo reads “as free as the ocean.”



Butterfly tattoos will never go out of style, and Paulino says this summer will be no different. Consider one like this fine line, graphic version.



An offshoot of the floral revamp that’s happening, Paulino says expect to spot lots of fruit this summer, including strawberries, mangos, or a tiny little pineapple like the one here.

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