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Megan Thee Stallion Rocked Mind-Bending Holographic Nails & Tooth Gems

She’s such a vibe.

Megan Thee Stallion is the ultimate cool girl with purple and gold holographic nails and tooth jewel...
Gilbert Flores/Variety/Getty Images

In addition to spitting hard-hitting beats and viral verses that have the girlies completely *obsessed* (like “Mamushi,” which is currently making the rounds on TikTok) — Megan Thee Stallion is also known to rock a really stunning set of nails.

Truly fearless with her lengthy tips, in recent past, the “HISS” rapper has rocked meaningful butterfly nail art, lipstick-shaped green and silver chrome tips, and even LED light-adorned acrylics while romping around Japan.

As for her latest set? While it may seem a bit more minimal in comparison, it’s beautifully reflective and completely changes colors depending on the angle — delivering total optical illusion vibes.

Megan’s Purple & Gold Holo Nails

On July 1, Meg took to the ’gram to drop a carousel of moments from the past weekend. Amongst mirror selfies and photos of her taking the stage, the Texas-born artist shared a snap of her mani (as well as the gorgeous diamond and emerald jewelry on her fingers and wrist).

At first glance, her long, stiletto-shaped nails look to be painted in a pretty shade of sparkling purple polish. If you look a bit closer to some of the other photos, however, you’ll likely notice that her tips transform into a green-tinted gold color, depending on the lighting and the angle.

While she’s yet to reveal the nail artist behind the holographic set, the “Body” rapper frequently taps Coca Michelle for her most out-there mani moments.

Her Jewelry-Filled Smile

Aside from her color-changing nails, Megan also shared a bunch of mirror selfies with nothing but big smiles — and teeth that were covered in unique, pale gold jewelry.

In recent years, tooth gems and bespoke grills have become a Hollywood mainstay, with A-listers like Billie Eilish and Camila Cabello most getting in on the vibe.

Meg is the latest tastemaker to make teeth jewelry the epitome of cool girl chic.