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Barb & Star Go To Visa Del Mar Is An Unexpected Bridesmaids Reunion

Kristen Wiig's beach comedy is finally coming to video on demand.

Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo star in 'Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar.' Photo via Lionsgate

Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo’s new vacation comedy, Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, was produced in a pre-pandemic world, and it shows. (No face masks or too-soon quarantine jokes to remind you of, you know, all of this.) But as many approach a year of staying at home, the idea of jetting off from mundane surroundings to a colorful, splashy, albeit a little tacky beach destination with a best friend has never felt so alluring.

Of course, travel is still a no for now. But instead of hate-watching influencers travel to far off locales while insisting it was safe to do so, opt to enjoy this virtual vacation that is finally available to viewers at home this week. Bonus: It stars all your favorite actors. Here's everything you need to know about Barb and Star:

If You Liked Bridesmaids, You'd Love Barb And Star

The titular Barb and Star – described by Lionsgate as "lifelong friends" who "embark on the adventure of a lifetime when they decide to leave their small Midwestern town for the first time... ever" – are played by Annie Mumolo and Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig, respectively. They also co-wrote the movie together, just as they did for the very funny, Academy Award-nominated Bridesmaids screenplay.

Though Wiig starred in the 2011 movie, Mumolo made only a small (but memorable) appearance as Wiig's panicky seatmate in coach. Barb and Star marks the first time the collaborators have acted together in a major capacity. Judging by the trailer, it looks like their creative chemistry extends effortlessly on-screen, too.

Mumolo's talent can also be seen in Joy, the 2015 film starring Jennifer Lawrence. But due to creative challenges, she ultimately only received a shared "story by" credit for the screenplay that was eventually re-written by David O. Russell. "The Joy movie was a very heartbreaking experience for me, and I had to just sort of separate because of that aspect of things," Mumolo told Variety, adding that she was asked to do things that went against her morals. She continued, "When I didn’t feel comfortable doing those things that were against my values, I was lambasted. I can’t say too much. I guess probably because I was living in fear."

Fortunately, with Barb and Star, Mumolo once again gets a chance to show off her creative chops in the writer's seat.

The Rest Of The Cast Is Just As Good

Though Wiig and Mumolo lead the film, equally funny and familiar actors round out the cast. Jamie Dornan stars as Edgar, an apparent fellow vacationer who hangs out with the gals. If you haven't seen him lately, the 50 Shades of Grey actor is taking on unconventional roles and is honing his skills portraying funny and heartfelt characters. (If you haven't seen last year's Wild Mountain Thyme yet, you need to experience the polarizing rom-com for yourself.)


Other cast members you're sure to recognize include New Girl's Damon Wayans Jr., SNL alum Vanessa Bayer, and Phyllis Smith from The Office.

How To Watch

Barb and Star premieres on Feb. 12, and it's available to watch on your preferred video on demand platform. By this point in the pandemic, you know the drill. But just in case you need a refresher, the Barb and Star folks filmed an extremely on-brand tutorial:

In short: Barb and Star is not available on Netflix, but you can rent it on Apple TV, YouTube, Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu, Xfinity, or DirecTV.