17 Wednesday Addams Quotes For Every Situation

She’s all about that deadpan delivery.

Jenna Ortega's deadpan delivery on 'Wednesday' has earned widespread praise. To celebrate, here are ...
Vlad Cioplea/Netflix

Within just one week on Netflix, Wednesday has left its mark on pop culture — from fans doing the Rave’N dance to recreating Wednesday’s signature goth pout. And if you feel like you’ve been hearing about the show everywhere, well, viewership data confirms that hunch: according to Variety, the new Netflix series amassed 341.2 million total viewing hours in its first week on the platform. That’s the best for any English-language series in the same timeframe (yes, even Stranger Things).

Contributing to the show’s popularity is Jenna Ortega’s deadpan delivery of countless quotable moments — ranging from teen angst to some truly sadistic stuff. Like, for example, Wednesday’s interaction with her new roomie, Enid, who suggests Wednesday “take a stab at being social.”

“I do like stabbing,” Wednesday says. “The social part, not so much.”

Co-showrunner Miles Millar told IndieWire that Netflix wanted to cut that line at first. But Millar and Alfred Gough, with whom he helms the show, weren’t so quick to let it go. “That’s the whole point of the character,” Millar said. “To lose that or dilute that is a betrayal of the character.”

See 17 more of the best Wednesday Addams quotes below.

“The only person who gets to torture my brother is me.”

Despite her penchant for darkness, one of Wednesday’s earliest quotes is actually quite sweet — in her own Wednesday way.

“The Black Dahlia, of course. It’s named after my favorite unsolved murder.”

Wednesday might prefer her trusty typewriter to modern tech, but she’s definitely a true crime podcast listener at heart.

“I find social media to be a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation.”

And sometimes, we all find it like that.

“I know I’m stubborn, single-minded, and obsessive. But those are all traits of great writers. Yes, and serial killers — what’s your point?”

Vlad Cioplea/Netflix

It’s fun to see where Wednesday’s creative passions and penchant for the macabre collide — like they do in this twisty, introspective line.

“I accidentally walked in on two vampires fanging. I can’t unsee that.”

This comment encapsulates what it must be like to attend a supernatural school.

“For the record, I don’t believe I’m better than everyone else. Just that I’m better than you.”

Wednesday tells Bianca this before the big race in Episode 2 — and honestly, it’s *just* the right blend of confidence and self-awareness.

“If he breaks your heart, I’ll nail-gun his.”


Wednesday tells Enid this before a date, and it’s a potent display of friendship.

“What kind of dystopian hellscape is this?”

Because how else would Wednesday describe a colorful boutique Enid wants to shop at?

“It’s not my fault I can’t interpret your emotional Morse code.”

Wednesday tells this to Tyler in Episode 4 — and you should absolutely borrow it anytime someone’s expecting you to know their wants and needs without, well, communicating them.

“Unrecognizable? Ridiculous? A classic example of female objectification for the male gaze?”


Leave it to Wednesday to translate the normal “how do I look?” nerves into thoughtful (if sarcastic) commentary.

“Honestly, I wish I cared a little more.”

Wednesday has a rare moment of earnestness with Bianca during the dance — where she reveals that there’s something she’d like to change about herself, despite her cool exterior.

“I know. She’s both my literary hero and nemesis. And I have two years and 364 days to beat her.”

Wednesday is referring to Mary Shelley here after Miss Thornhill mentions that the mother of science fiction wrote Frankenstein when was just 19 years old. It’s fitting that Wednesday would know goth queen Shelley. But it’s also relatable that she’s obsessed with accomplishing something at an arbitrary age — to the point that she takes it personally when other young women (even ones who are long dead!) do it first.

“For some reason I cannot fathom or indulge, you seem to like me.”

Wednesday’s conversation with Xavier when she thinks he might be the monster? The stuff of pure, enemies-to-lovers goodness.

“I was just working on my novel.”

One of the perks of having a creative project, apparently, is using it as an excuse when you’re caught investigating your town’s murders — as Wednesday proves in Episode 7.

“Thing said he missed you.”

The push-and-pull relationship between Wednesday and Enid is at the heart of the Netflix series, especially when it leads to lines like this. Wednesday can’t openly say that she missed her roomie, so she says her pet hand did, instead. Hey, it’s progress!

“Somewhere no one can hear your screams.”

Vlad Cioplea/Netflix

It’s fun to see Wednesday in her true form, torturing someone for information. But this Episode 8 line may also be a subtle reference to the tagline of 1979’s Alien: “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Sigourney Weaver delivered an unforgettable performance in that film, and today, Ortega is also getting super comfortable in the horror genre herself.

“Enid, the mark you have left on me is indelible. Anytime I grow nauseous at the sight of a rainbow, or hear a pop song that makes my ears bleed, I’ll think of you.”

By the end of Season 1, Wednesday seems to see Enid as an actual friend — not just a roomie she has to put up with. This quote totally sums up the nature of their relationship.