Beyoncé's 12 Funniest Renaissance World Tour Bloopers

Instead of immediately correcting mistakes during the concerts, she’s folded them into the shows.

Some of the funniest moments from Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour include lyric errors and on-stage...
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Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour has truly been a feast for the senses, a maximalist, ballroom-inspired extravaganza full of cinematic visuals, costume changes, and Blue Ivy Carter cameos. In many ways, it’s also been the singer’s most intimate outing yet, in part because of things that haven’t gone according to plan.

Early on, Beyoncé made it clear she wanted to live in the moment during each concert. “This show is not about being perfect; this show is about enjoying your life,” she said during one performance. So instead of immediately correcting mistakes during the run, she’s embraced them.

The decision has led to a bevy of unhinged fan interactions, random outbursts, and funny reactions that would make for great bloopers in her upcoming Renaissance Tour film, which premieres Dec. 1 in theaters.

And many times when things haven’t gone as expected, her fans, aka the Beyhive, have taken it upon themselves to turn those moments into memes.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

To get your daily dose of serotonin, or to prepare for the upcoming film, here are 12 of the funniest moments from the tour, from failed challenges to a declaration of “gay rights.”

Beyoncé’s Mute Challenge Goes Wrong

The “Everybody on Mute” challenge was born on opening night in Stockholm. During “Energy,” when Beyoncé sang the lyrics “everybody on mute,” the music stopped, and the entire stadium was supposed to go silent. Instead, the Swedish crowd sang the rest of the lyrics for her, leaving Bey in disbelief.

From that moment on, she and fans have made it clear that everyone needs to shut up — but that doesn’t mean people listen.

In a Kansas City performance, the crowd was silent for about 10 seconds, marking the longest stretch on tour, but then the screams started. Bey ignored them and declared Kansas City the winner. On X (formerly Twitter), the Beyhive agreed that she was just being nice.


After her opening show in Stockholm, Bey cut the songs “Thique,” “All Up In Your Mind,” and “Drunk In Love” from the setlist — and the Beyhive did not have it.

At her first Warsaw show, a fan held up a sign that read #JusticeForThique, which caught her attention as she soared above it. “Please give it up — justice for ‘Thique’?” she questioned before letting out a knowing laugh. “For my female dancers,” the singer continued, ignoring the request.

Messing Up The “Thique” Lyrics

When she finally brought “Thique” (and the other “Big Three” songs) back to the setlist for select U.S. shows, Bey messed up the lyrics on multiple occasions, changing “Fiji aqua” to “Fifi aga” and “cherry, baby” to “chilly berry.”

Bey’s Reaction To Her Off-Key Note

While performing “America Has A Problem” at one show, Bey hit an off-key note during the first verse. Nobody was more surprised than she was, letting out a confused “ohhh.” The audience seemed to ignored it, but fans were tickled when it popped up later on social media.

“Coco Canail”

Bey’s extensive rap in “Heated” has been going viral, with fans trying their best to execute it flawlessly. It’s a tough challenge, and the singer sometimes had a rough go of it, too.

At her Edinburgh show, she accidentally pronounced “Coco Chanel” as “Canail,” and let out a huge laugh afterward, missing the next couple of bars. From then on, the Beyhive started saying “Canail” instead. What Bey says goes.

Stockholm’s “Love On Top” Singing

Most Beyhive members know that when Queen Bey performs “Love On Top,” you finish the final chorus for her, making key changes at various points. But Stockholm did not come prepared on opening night. Beyoncé cut them short, and her facial expression said it all.

“Turn The Fan Onnn”

Bey doesn’t mess around with her fans, especially the electric kind. As she prepared to belt “1 + 1” at her second Chicago show, she noticed the matching chrome fans weren’t blowing wind her way. She tried to alert the crew but grew tired of waiting. “Turn the fan on,” she casually riffed during a break from the ballad. They heard and responded.

Bey Discovers A New Family Member?

While performing “Cuff It” in Brussels, Beyoncé spotted someone in the audience and asked if they were her cousin. “Alright,” she said, seemingly accepting it with a shrug. It’s unknown what the fan said or did to make Bey ask this question.

“Congratulations On Your Divorce”

Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

As she was hanging in the air during “Summer Renaissance” at her first Warsaw show, Bey noticed a sign from a fan who was having a divorce party. “Congratulations on your divorce,” she told them, probably making their night.

“Is That Frank?”

It’s tough to catch Bey off guard, but her former choreographer Frank Gatson did just that. As she was dangling in the air at her second Chicago show, she stopped mid-sentence after spotting him. “Wait a minute. Is that Frank?” Bey asked. “FRAAAAA—”

It was him, as confirmed on Instagram. The sighting made her fumble the rest of her thank yous.

The Crowd Screaming For Bey’s Bodyguard

Apparently, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy aren’t the only ones fans were clammoring to see. At the Brussels show, Bey walked closer to fans in one of the pits. They spotted her bodyguard Julius de Boer, and scream for him instead of the singer. Her facial expression said it all.

“Gay Rights”

A random fan got Bey to scream “gay rights” at the end of a show for no apparent reason, just like countless celebs before her.