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Bridgerton Fans Want A Kate & Anthony Spinoff In India

The couple made some major moves in Season 3.

Bridgerton Fans Want A Kate & Anthony Spin-Off In India
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Even though they only appeared in a handful of Bridgerton Season 3 episodes, Kate and Anthony’s love story evolved during the latest chapter of the show. The season began with them enjoying life as the Viscount and Viscountess Bridgerton before embarking upon a second honeymoon — and upon their return, sharing that they’re expecting a baby.

During Colin and Penelope’s wedding, Kate shared that she was homesick for her town in India where her sister, Edwina, now lives with her own husband. “She has even been riding with him! I am so envious,” she said. “You cannot imagine how charming our town in India is. It has been so long since I have ridden there.”

Anthony saw this as an opportunity to take an extended trip from Mayfair to India, so that their little one may know both of their parents’ cultures.

On a practical level, it seems the departure is a way of explaining Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley’s potential absence from future Bridgerton episodes. Ashley said at a recent press event (via People) that she and her co-star will “do all we can with our schedules to make it work” so they can return for Season 4.


Of course, that hasn’t stopped viewers from predicting what the next part of Kate and Anthony’s journey might look like. In fact, one intriguing fan theory proposes a Kanthony spinoff set in India.

An International Adventure

In a June 17 Reddit post, u/LeanMeanP33n proposed a mini spinoff season following the couple to Kate’s hometown. In addition to exploring Anthony as a “fish out of water,” the viewer writes, the show could help “expand the universe” of Bridgerton’s beloved characters and love stories.

“We can have some drama involving Edwina and her new husband, maybe a love interest for their mother,” the fan continued. “There’s all sorts of opportunities for story there!”

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Several fans commented that they also would love such a spinoff. “I was happy to hear Edwina had made a match, and I’d love to see her living the happy married life she deserves,” one user wrote.

Is Another Spinoff On The Way?

Given the smash success of the prequel series, Queen Charlotte, coupled with the fandom’s enduring love for Kate and Anthony, it certainly seems that a spinoff about the enemies-to-lovers couple would thrive on Netflix.

So, what do the Bridgerton bosses have to say? Shonda Rhimes has commented on the possibility of additional spinoffs before. However, instead of following one of the eight Bridgerton siblings on their future adventures, she had her sights set elsewhere.

In 2023, for example, Rhimes told Hello! that while there was “no plan to explore anybody in particular” after Queen Charlotte, she got “very interested in Violet’s story” while writing. “So we’ll see.”

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Similarly, she told IMDb that “Violet is fascinating, and there’s a story to be told there.” So it sounds like a Bridgerton spinoff is very plausible should Rhimes want to pursue one. Although for now, Kanthony may not be the likeliest subject.