Clare Crawley & Dale Moss’ Romance Goes Way Beyond Their Bachelorette Whirlwind

From love at first sight to social media fights, their story is never boring.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss.
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

The Bachelorette Season 16 was peak pandemic viewing. Amid Bachelor Nation’s calls for more diversity on the show and new COVID-19 protocols, Clare Crawley searched for love among contestants who had to quarantine and have multiple tests before even getting their chance to vie for her heart. And still, despite all of that, Crawley walked away with an engagement, upending the show’s typical outline and producers’ plans in the process.

After just 12 days of dating husband hopefuls, Crawley famously called it quits on The Bachelorette, deciding to throw away those extra roses and accept a proposal from contestant Dale Moss. If you’re doing the math, yes, that means she’d known her fiancé for less than two weeks when he popped the question. As a result, ABC cast Tayshia Adams as the new Bachelorette, clearing the way for the engaged couple, who fell in love at first sight (allegedly, but more on that later), to live happily ever after.

However, that wasn’t the end of Crawley and Moss’ story. They appeared to call it quits within months, before getting back together once again. Despite some social media drama at the time, the couple now seems to be living their best lives together, so in honor of their whirlwind romance, we’re looking back at how it started and digging into how it’s going with the lovebirds.

March 2020: Crawley Is Ready To Find The One

On March 2, 2020, the then-39-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento, California, was officially announced as Season 16’s Bachelorette during a Good Morning America interview. At the time, she said she was looking for a man willing to “take off his armor” and listed vulnerability and willingness to be open as desirable traits for her future suitors.

June 2020: The Bachelorette Cops To Some Contestant Recon

Crawley was originally slated to step out of the limo and begin filming in March, but because of the pandemic, her season wasn’t able to shoot until July. In the meantime, she admitted on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that June, she did some research on the contestants, including Googling the men. “Obviously. What woman wouldn’t? Are you kidding me?” she said. “I will say this. At first, I really didn’t. I really did not and it was because, I don’t know, I just kind of felt like I want to get to know them and regardless, I know how my Instagram is.” The Bachelorette explained her view that social media is just a piece of a person’s life and “you have to see and feel it in person.” Plus, she noted that she’s “huge on pheromones.”

July 2020: Relationship Rumors Heat Up

On July 29, resident Bachelor Nation sleuth Reality Steve started dropping spoilers from Crawley’s season on social media. He shared that a 31-year-old named Dale had received the first impression rose. The next day, a source told Life & Style that Crawley had not only given him the first rose, but had already given him her heart as well, sharing, “She told producers she no longer wanted to participate in the show,” adding that Clare had “already fallen in love.” The plot thickened on July 31, when another source took to Reddit to claim that production was having “problems with Clare” while filming The Bachelorette.

“On Monday, I got some messages saying that production is having a lot of problems with Clare during filming,” the post read. “Among other things, she canceled everything that was supposed to happen that Saturday before, and they called in a new Bachelorette. They are recasting her with Tayshia. Tayshia is already quarantining at the hotel and they should be taking her phone on Friday (today). The plan is for her to call back some guys that have already been eliminated.”

August 2020: Breaking The Bachelorette

On Aug. 3, Life & Style reported that a source close to the pair had said that Crawley and Moss were officially engaged, seemingly confirming rumors. That same day, a source told People that the lead had been chatting with a certain someone before she got on the show. “One of her potential guys found a way to get in touch with her and they began talking,” the source said. “By the time filming officially began, they were basically already in love. No one else stood a chance. It just became so obvious from her subsequent few dates that her heart wasn’t in it and she just wasn’t feeling it. Then she said she wanted out.”

On Aug. 7, OK! added fuel to the fire by reporting that the couple had been sent away from the set. “Dale and Clare have been whisked away to a private home where they will stay until the show debuts,” a source told the magazine. “So far, everything is being kept a mystery. Which is why we haven’t seen or heard from Clare for weeks.”

September 2020: Dropping Hints

On Sept. 2, The Bachelorette dropped a promo for Crawley’s season featuring moments to come and (inexplicably) Keke Palmer in the studio singing Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.” In it, fans saw Crawley locking lips with Moss, a foreshadowing of things to come.

October 2020: “I Just Met My Husband”

On Oct. 12, People shared an exclusive clip from the series premiere of the moment Crawley and Moss first met. In it, the Bachelorette says, “Oh, man. I definitely feel like I just met my husband. I’m shaking!”

The next day, Us Weekly published an interview in which Crawley discussed rumors that she’d fallen for Moss too fast. “My question would be to the people that are saying that — to the people that question it — what exactly is the formula for falling in love?” she said. “Is there one way to do it? Is there one example of this is how it’s done?”

On Oct. 19, Crawley took to Instagram to downplay rumors that she’d been wearing an engagement ring. “People have noticed I wear this ring on my wedding finger and have asked why! The truth is because it is a commitment to myself first and foremost, to embody self-love,” she shared in the post. “In the past I found myself getting into relationships where there was little to no reciprocity and, in the end, would feel depleted and empty. This is my promise to myself, to make sure I always had enough self-love that no matter what happened, I was committed to loving myself unconditionally, and that is something no man could take away from me.” But that didn’t exactly put rumors to rest considering what was about to happen.

November 2020: The Engagement Goes Public

Just a short four episodes into the series, Crawley and Moss officially announced their engagement. After leaving the show as predicted, the couple told fans on Instagram live, “We’re going to enjoy this moment. We’ve been waiting a long time,” Moss said. Crawley seconded his statement, saying, “We’ve waited three months to share this with you guys.”

January 2021: Breakup Or A Break?

Things seemed great with the couple based on their canoodling on social media and even their open comments about their relationship — that is, until they didn’t. On Jan. 19, a source spoke to E! News, sharing, “Clare and Dale have been fighting a lot recently.” The insider went on to claim that it had been “very tense” between them because Moss wanted to live in “a lively city and focus on his career,” whereas Crawley “is rooted in Sacramento to help care for her mom.” While the source did say they were “still getting to know each other and figuring it all out,” things were apparently looking pretty bleak. “They’ve decided to take some time apart for now... They are still figuring out the logistics of their relationship and if they will stay together,” the person added.

In a now-deleted Instagram post on Jan. 19, Moss announced that they had split. “I wanted to share with you all that Clare and I have decided to go our separate ways,” he wrote. “We appreciate the love and support we’ve received from so many people, but this is the healthiest decision for both of us at this time.” He went on to add, “We strongly believe in leading with love and always remaining true to oneself—something our families have taught and instilled in us throughout our lives. We only hope the best things for one another.” Finally, he called for privacy for the two as they “[worked] through this together.”

Crawley responded with her own, now-deleted post, but her statement shared a different perspective. “I was made aware of a ‘mutual’ statement at the same time you all were, so I’ve needed some time to really digest this,” she wrote. After making it clear that she was blindsided by the breakup, she went on to say, “Our relationship was not perfect, but I can say that I was genuinely invested with all of my heart.”

February 2021: Reunited? Maybe.

On Feb. 16, fans started spotting Crawley and Moss together at restaurants and strolling around town together, making it clear that they were on better terms again. A source shared with Us Weekly, “They were just hanging out, having a couple drinks.” Another source told E! News, “Dale had regret over everything that happened between him and Clare and has been reaching out to her recently. She finally caved and decided to answer his calls and talk it out with him.”

March & April 2021: Back On Again

On March 17, a source told Us Weekly that the couple was officially back on but taking it slow. “They are now just starting to really understand all the difficulties a public relationship can create, and they want to make sure they are giving their relationship the opportunity it deserves without all stress and anxiety that followed after the show,” the person said.

On March 21, Crawley spent her birthday in Napa, posting Instagram stories in celebration. Soon, fans began to speculate that her Bachelorette winner was with her. Though they didn’t share photos together, Moss also posted pictures from Napa that same day.

By April 16, Moss was semi-happy to chat about their relationship again. “Clare and I, we’re in a good place. When the time is right, we will definitely talk about all those things,” he told the Hollywood Raw podcast. “For right now, we’re just focused on one another. We’re keeping things private and that’s working for us. In time, we’ll speak about that together.”

May 2021: The Ring Is Back!

In May, things seemed to be back to normal. Crawley was back on Moss’ Instagram feed, and he was back on hers as well. But, perhaps more tellingly, the huge diamond engagement band made its triumphant return to the former Bachelorette’s ring finger.

July 2020: What A Difference A Year Makes

On July 6, a source shared with Us Weekly that the couple is “engaged but still are working on building a solid relationship.” The insider also said the two had spoken about their future, but “they aren’t rushing to tie the knot.”

Later, both Crawley and Moss shared Instagram posts in honor of the 365 days of their whirlwind relationship. She captioned her post, “Happy One Year Anniversary Love!!” Dale shared a similar sentiment writing, “When we first met I knew god’s hand was at work but I could have never imagined the journey he had in store for us. Love you with all my heart @clarecrawley ❤️.”

August 2020: Marriage Rumors

Less than a month after celebrating their first anniversary, Cosmopolitan reported that multiple tipsters told celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi that Clare and Dale officially tied the knot. “Clare and Dale are married,” one insider reportedly revealed. “They did it in ‘secret’ but filmed it with a small crew and serious NDA.” The insider added that the couple was in the process of “negotiating” with print magazines to set up coverage that will coincide with a wedding special.

Although Deuxmoi’s second tipster didn’t mention a televised wedding, they did say that the former Bachelorette couple exchanged their vows. “Yes Clare and Dale are married,” they wrote, adding that the reality stars hope to have babies “ASAP.” Fans on Reddit also noticed the former athlete wearing a ring in Clare’s Instagram Stories, but some fans claimed that it was for sleep-tracking and that it wasn’t a wedding band. Clare and Dale have not yet confirmed or denied the marriage rumors, but through highs and lows, the couple looks stronger now than ever.