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Dan Levy Celebrated David & Patrick’s Schitt’s Creek Anniversary In Simply The Best Way

Time to rewatch the tearjerker of a wedding episode!

Dan Levy celebrated the 'Schitt's Creek' wedding anniversary of David and Patrick. Photo via CBC

It’s been three years since your favorite TV couple got married — and their ceremony was, well, simply the best (if a little unconventional). The Schitt’s Creek series finale saw David Rose and Patrick Brewer contend with everything from an emergency venue change, to an unexpected massage, to Alexis wearing a white wedding-esque gown to walk her brother down the aisle — because, Alexis.

While the emotional episode aired on April 7, 2020, Schitt’s Creek superfans may remember that David and Patrick’s in-universe wedding date was actually Sept. 3 — and star and co-creator Dan Levy took to social media to celebrate the special day. “These two got married a few years ago today,” he wrote on his Instagram story, alongside a photo of David and Patrick kissing. “Happy for them.”

Emily Hampshire (aka Stevie, David’s bestie and maid of honor) also celebrated the occasion on Instagram — posting a gallery of photos from the fictional big day and wishing David and Patrick a happy anniversary. Of course, if you’ve been keeping up with the Roses and co. on social media, you know how much the show — and that tearjerker of a finale — means to them.

Dan Levy/Instagram

Back when the finale first aired, Levy shared his feelings with an emotional behind-the-scenes shot on Instagram. “This show has been the love of my life for the past seven years,” he wrote. “Getting to tell these stories, build these characters, and watch them grow has been a privilege for which I will always be grateful.”

Levy thanked his fans, too, for teaching him “that television has the power to not only bring people together in profound and inspiring ways, but also the power to change conversations and consequently, change lives.”

The Emmy winner has also kept up with his on-screen husband since Schitt’s Creek wrapped two years ago — marking the start of Pride on June 1 with a sweet throwback photo of David and Patrick snoozing together. And in April, Levy and Noah Reid actually reunited IRL for a meaningful reason: Reid’s Broadway debut in The Minutes.

Bruce Glikas/WireImage/Getty Images

“I knew what Noah was capable of long before he even did my show,” Levy told People at the time. “And then what we were able to do through the show was really kind of flex his character and flex his skills in ways that showed off his theater capabilities ... I couldn’t be prouder, he is an incredible talent.”