Demi Lovato Surprised Their Family After Debuting A New Buzzcut

It’s all part of their #freshstart for 2022.

Demi Lovato's buzzcut marks a departure from their recent looks. Photo via Getty Images
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

’Tis the season to get creative with your look in time for 2022 — whether that means a new piercing, New Year’s nails, or, perhaps, a haircut or change of color. Looking for inspiration? Demi Lovato’s shaved head is the latest celebrity transformation this holiday season, and it’s a bold shift from the mullet they’ve been rocking for much of the year.

The singer shared the buzzy haircut via Instagram Dec. 24. “#freshstart,” they captioned the video, photographed through FaceTime by photographer (and frequent collaborator of Lovato’s) Angelo Kritikos. After the short clip — set to a staticky sound and featuring frenetic cuts between different poses — Lovato later shared a closer look at the buzzcut on their story, People reports. “OMG, NEW ERA???” commented fan account lovaticpowerofc. Several fans affectionately joked about Poot Lovato, the singer’s meme of a sibling born of an awkwardly angled photo of Lovato that made them look bald way before the buzzcut era. “Poot had a glow up damn,” wrote fruitydemi_juicydoja.

With their new cut, Lovato joined other celebrities debuting dramatic new looks this holiday season — from Billie Eilish’s brunette moment to Zendaya’s auburn lob, a switch for which she cited similar reasons to Lovato: “It was time for a change.”

Lovato’s buzzcut wasn’t the only surprise they had in store this festive season. The singer also paid a visit to their family for an adorable Christmas reunion, as shared on sister Dallas Lovato’s TikTok account. “Hi! I tricked you! I’m sorry,” they say in the heartwarming video. The hair transformation seems to have happened shortly before the unexpected visit, as Lovato’s sporting the same outfit they wore in their Instagram story.

Bolstered by family and a new haircut, it looks like Lovato is indeed ready to embrace that #freshstart for 2022.