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Does Jenn Get Engaged On The Bachelorette? Spoilers May Reveal The Answer

The Season 21 lead teased an ending “that has never happened before.”

Does Jenn get engaged on The Bachelorette? Here's what spoilers are saying.
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Jenn Tran’s Bachelorette season is just beginning — but as viewers tune in to her rose-filled journey, they’re likely theorizing about the end. Specifically, does Jenn engaged on The Bachelorette?

While that won’t officially be answered until her finale a few months from now, there’s plenty to speculate on in the meantime. For starters, there are Jenn’s interviews. She recently told People that she’s “very happy with the ending” of her season. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean she had a straightforward proposal — or a proposal at all, for that matter.

Her Goals Evolved

“I feel like when you start on the journey, you’re so hopeful for an engagement,” Jenn told the magazine. “And then as you go through the journey, it’s like, what [does] an engagement really mean to you? Is it just a ring, or is it a commitment? What I really was looking for was a lasting partner, so I think my definition of that really changed throughout the journey.”

That last statement could certainly suggest that Jenn found a serious partner, even if they’re not engaged just yet — which wouldn’t be unheard of for the franchise.

Similarly, Jenn recently told Bustle that she feels “like a completely different person” after filming, emphasizing that she learned a lot about herself along the way.

Disney/Ramona Rosales

Theories Say...

Jenn shared at CMA Fest that the ending of her season is “something that has never happened before” (via Us Weekly). And, yes, Bachelor Nation fans know to be skeptical about these kinds of claims — but after Joey Graziadei’s twisty season finale, there’s certainly reason to expect the unexpected.

To that end, several fans on Reddit theorized that Jenn might propose at the end of her Bachelorette season. “The whole brand of this season and the promos have been hinting towards it,” one user noted.

“With the way they’re promoting her, if there is a season where the [woman] proposes, I think it could be this one!” agreed another. Indeed, the teaser for Jenn’s season includes Little Mix’s “Power” — highlighting the lyric, “You’re the man, but I got the, I got the, I got the power.” (The caption to ABC’s official video drives the message home: “The power is in her hands 🌹.”)

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A separate Reddit thread pointed out that during her recent Call Her Daddy appearance, Jenn might have revealed her engagement status by accident. “People were like, She’s too boring, or She’s too crazy, she wants to take shots,” she said. “It’s like, God forbid I want to take a shot! I didn’t know that once you get engaged, you can’t take a shot. Or once you find love, you can’t take a shot.”

So whether Jenn’s the one who proposes or not, there’s certainly reason to believe she does get engaged at the end of her Bachelorette season.

Spoilers Tease Jenn’s Engagement Status

After analyzing the clues, you may be looking for a straightforward leak or rumor to make sense of it all — and for that, Reality Steve has you covered. But of course, spoilers ahead!

Bachelor Nation’s go-to spoiler provider has reported that Jenn gets engaged to Devin Strader at the end of Season 21. The blogger and podcaster’s initial spoiler about Joey’s season proved to be incorrect, so you may choose to take the intel with a grain of salt. But either way, Jenn and Devin’s relationship will be one to watch.