A List Of Secret Songs Taylor Swift Performed On The Eras Tour, So Far

Swift brought out Maren Morris to perform their duet “You All Over Me” in Chicago on June 3.

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A List Of Secret Songs Taylor Swift Performed On The Eras Tour, So Far // Taylor Swift Performs In C...
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To security’s dismay, a swarm of Swifties rushed down the aisles toward the stage to record Taylor Swift’s “secret songs” up close on their phones during her Eras Tour stop at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. For every Eras concert, the 12-time Grammy winner handpicks two songs that aren’t already on her 3-hour setlist to perform that night — and she gifted the Sin City audience with acoustic performances of “Our Song” from her oldest album (2006’s self-titled debut) and “Snow on the Beach” from her newest album (2022’s Midnights).

Those enthusiastic fans quickly posted their videos on social media to alert the rest of the fandom at home which two songs the 33-year-old superstar delivered this time. This Bustle editor was among the people who helped reveal the secret song selections on Twitter, which incited excited replies from remote Swifties such as “y’all really won tonight with the surprise songs” and “i’m gonna throw myself off a f*cking balcony.”

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Swift’s goal is to not repeat any of her “secret songs” across the Eras Tour in order to sing as much of her vast catalog as possible, but she does have two exceptions to the rule. If the song is from her most recent album Midnights, or if she messed it up somehow the first time around, then Swift will allow herself to repeat it, as she did for the first time at her May 28 show in New Jersey.

Here’s a running list of every secret song the “Lavender Haze” singer has performed, so far, during her 52-show Eras Tour. To stay up to date on all of Swift’s secret songs, bookmark this story.

June 4: Chicago Secret Songs

  • “Hits Different” from Midnights
  • “The Moment I Knew” from Red

June 3: Chicago Secret Songs

  • “You All Over Me” from Fearless (with special guest Maren Morris)
  • “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack

June 2: Chicago Secret Songs

  • “I Wish You Would” from 1989
  • “the lakes” from Folklore

May 28: East Rutherford Secret Songs

  • “Welcome to New York” from 1989
  • “Clean” from 1989 (repeat)

May 27: East Rutherford Secret Songs

  • “Holy Ground” from Red
  • “False God” from Lover

May 26: East Rutherford Secret Songs

  • “Getaway Car” from Reputation (with special guest Jack Antonoff)
  • “Maroon” from Midnights

May 21: Foxborough Secret Songs

  • “I Think He Knows” from Lover
  • “Red” from Red

May 20: Foxborough Secret Songs

  • “Question...?” from Midnights
  • “Invisible” from Taylor Swift

May 19: Foxborough Secret Songs

  • “Should’ve Said No” from Taylor Swift
  • “Better Man” from Red

May 14: Philadelphia Secret Songs

  • “Hey Stephen” from Fearless
  • “The Best Day” from Fearless

May 13: Philadelphia Secret Songs

  • “Forever & Always” from Fearless
  • “This Love” from 1989

May 12: Philadelphia Secret Songs

  • “gold rush” from evermore
  • “Come Back...Be Here” from Red

May 7: Nashville Secret Songs

  • “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” from Midnights (with special guest Aaron Dessner)
  • “Mine” from Speak Now

May 6: Nashville Secret Songs

  • “Out of the Woods” from 1989
  • “Fifteen” from Fearless

May 5: Nashville Secret Songs

  • “Sparks Fly” from Speak Now
  • “Teardrops On My Guitar” from Taylor Swift

April 30: Atlanta Secret Songs

  • “I Bet You Think About Me” from Red
  • “How You Get the Girl” from 1989

April 29: Atlanta Secret Songs

April 28: Atlanta Secret Songs

  • “The Other Side of the Door” from Fearless
  • “coney island” from evermore

April 23: Houston Secret Songs

  • “Begin Again” from Red
  • “Cold As You” from Taylor Swift

April 22: Houston Secret Songs

  • “A Place In This World” from Taylor Swift
  • “Today Was A Fairytale” from the Valentine’s Day soundtrack

April 21: Houston Secret Songs

  • “Wonderland” from 1989
  • “You’re Not Sorry” from Fearless

April 15: Tampa Secret Songs

  • “Mad Woman” from folklore (with special guest Aaron Dessner)
  • “Mean” from Speak Now

April 14: Tampa Secret Songs

  • “The Great War” from Midnights (with special guest Aaron Dessner)
  • “You’re On Your Own, Kid” from Midnights

April 13: Tampa Secret Songs

  • “Speak Now” from Speak Now
  • “Treacherous” from Red

April 2: Arlington Secret Songs

  • “The Lucky One” from Red
  • “Jump Then Fall” from Fearless

April 1: Arlington Secret Songs

  • “Death by a Thousand Cuts” from Lover
  • “Clean” from 1989

March 31: Arlington Secret Songs

  • “Ours” from Speak Now
  • “Sad Beautiful Tragic” from Red

March 25: Las Vegas Secret Songs

  • “White Horse” from Fearless
  • “cowboy like me” from evermore (with special guest Marcus Mumford)

March 24: Las Vegas Secret Songs

  • “Snow on the Beach” from Midnights
  • “Our Song” from Taylor Swift

March 18: Swift City Secret Songs

*Glendale, Ariz., was renamed Swift City during opening weekend

  • “this is me trying” from folklore
  • “State of Grace” from Red

March 17: Swift City Secret Songs

*Glendale, Ariz., was renamed Swift City during opening weekend

  • “Tim McGraw” from Taylor Swift
  • “mirrorball” from folklore

This post will be updated every week with Swift’s latest secret song selections.

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