Let’s Break Down That Spoilery Baby News In The Emily In Paris Season 3 Finale

The love triangles just got even more complicated.

The 'Emily in Paris' Season 3 cliffhanger may change everything. Here's what it means for Emily, Cam...
Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for Emily in Paris Season 3. For Emily Cooper, the price of a glamorous life in Paris is personal drama — and lots of it. At first, Season 3 of Emily in Paris saw Emily lean in to her new international life. (As the season tagline reads, “Tourist season is over.”) She committed to a relationship with Alfie, while Gabriel committed to one with Camille, seemingly putting the show’s long-running love triangle to rest.

Gabriel proposed to Camille, and they made plans to get married. However, Camille had an affair with a Greek artist, Sofia Sideri, for much of the season, and even seemed to be in touch with her on her wedding day. “Look love, I know you’re upset,” Camille says on the phone. “But this is the way it has to be for now. We’ll figure things out, I promise.”

Ultimately, at the altar, she decides to end things with Gabriel — and take Emily and Alfie’s relationship down, too. “You and Emily have been in love with each other since the moment you met,” Camille tells her almost-groom. “I can see it in your eyes. The way she looks at you. The way you look at her. Anyone can see it.”

Alfie breaks up with Emily on the spot, telling her he’s “nobody’s second choice,” and suggesting she go after Gabriel — which, with all the relationship turmoil that just went down, seems like the best possible outcome! However, Gabriel breaks some news to Emily: Camille is actually pregnant, he explains, and that’s why she returned from her Greek getaway with Sofia in the first place.


The twist doesn’t preclude Emily and Gabriel from being together, of course, but it does complicate things. We don’t know how Camille or Emily feel (the cliffhanger cuts to black right after the reveal), but we do know that Gabriel is pretty excited to be a dad. Remember: though we only learn about Camille’s pregnancy in the very last moments of Season 3, but Gabriel found out earlier.

So when Emily saw Gabriel in Episode 8, and she remarked that he looked happy, it may very well have been about the prospect of parenthood. Then, Episode 9 saw Gabriel hanging by the fountain helping a little girl with her toy sailboat — apparently beaming at the idea of playing with his own child one day.

For now, fans can only theorize about what will happen between Gabriel, Camille, Emily, and baby-to-be in Emily in Paris Season 4. However, if you’ve been a Darren Star fan for a while now, you may have seen this surprise pregnancy coming. For starters, the very reason Emily went to Paris in the first place was because of Madeline’s unexpected baby news in Season 1.

Star also created Sex and the City, in which Miranda Hobbes finds out she’s pregnant with her ex’s child in a mid-series twist. Sure, the circumstances aren’t totally the same; for example, Miranda and Steve ultimately got together, while Camille and Gabriel seem really, really done. But still, the prospect of a surprise baby and co-parenting with an ex — likely to the detriment of that ex’s future relationships — is definitely reminiscent of a storyline Star fans know well.