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Euphoria's Second Special Episode Will Be On NOW TV *So* Soon

The show's creators lined up two bonus episodes ahead of season two.

Rue in 'Euphoria's first special episode.
Eddy Chen/HBO

It's been a long wait for Euphoria fans who are eager to learn the fate of Rue — the drama's loveable but flawed protagonist played by Emmy-winning actor Zendaya. As season two of the HBO series was delayed due to the pandemic, the show's creators promised two special episodes to tide us over, the first of which aired last year. The second bonus episode is soon to drop this January, leaving many of the show's fans wanting to know how to watch the next instalment of Euphoria in the UK.

Season two of the gritty teen drama has not yet been confirmed, however, it's expected to air on Sky Atlantic following its U.S. release. Thankfully, UK fans will be able to watch Euphoria's latest special episode on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV after it airs on HBO on Sunday, January, 24.

The trailer for the special, entitled F**k Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob, dropped earlier this week and follows Jules Vaughn's (played by Hunter Schafer) perspective after the events of the explosive season one finale.

“Rue was the first girl that didn’t just look at me,” she says in the gripping clip. “She actually saw me. The me that’s underneath a million layers of not-me.”

Co-written by Hunter Schafer and Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, the trailer suggests Jules will be forced to reflect on her intense friendship with Rue over an extremely tumultuous year — and it's all set to a seductively dark Billie Eilish soundtrack.

The first of the specials aired back in December, following an announcement from Zendaya who tweeded the promo image captioned 'THIS IS NOT SEASON 2'. The stripped-backed episode mostly took place inside a diner as Rue had a conversation with sobriety coach Ali. Anyone in the UK looking to catch up on the first special episode can find it on NOW TV.

The Euphoria specials will more than do until the crew is able to resume filming. Until then, (spoiler ahead) the show creators have confirmed that Rue is not dead and promised fans that their favourite angsty teenagers still have "a big journey" ahead of them.