Is Lorde Dating Anyone? Her New Song “The Man With The Axe” Hints At Justin Warren

“Your office job and your silver hair ... I should’ve known when your favorite record was the same as my father’s.”

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After four long years since the release of her sophomore album, Lorde has delivered her third album, Solar Power. Fans of the singer-songwriter are thrilled to have a new collection from the Grammy winner to dig into, and there is certainly a lot to unpack as the New Zealand-based artist sings about global warming, ditching fame for the quiet life, attending the Met Gala, and hinting at her love life. Lorde has loved and lost before, but is she dating anyone right now?

Lorde is notoriously private about her personal life, especially when it comes to romance, though she has no trouble opening up and sharing her deepest, darkest secrets, fears, and even joys in her music. Solar Power is filled with lyrics that seem to reference a relationship she appears to be in at the moment, though as is the case whenever it comes to Lorde, nothing is certain.

For some time now, it’s been rumored that Lorde has been dating Universal Music Promotions Director Justin Warren, who is based in New Zealand and who has worked with the singer as well as other superstars like Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry. The two have been seen together on a number of occasions over the years, and at times they’ve even bee caught apparently looking like much more than friends, which Warren once claimed was the extent of their relationship.

Lorde reignited the rumors that she was dating Warren when she kicked off this latest era of her career with “Solar Power,” the lead single and title track from her new album. In the tune, she coos, “My boy behind me, he’s taking pictures, lead the boys and girls onto the beaches,” which many have interpreted to be about the music industry executive and her spending time by the ocean, something they’ve been seen doing. She also included the line, “Are you coming, my baby?” in the chorus, an almost surefire sign she’s with someone.

More than any other song on Solar Power, “The Man with the Axe” seems to be undeniably about Warren. Lines like “And your office job and your silver hair” and “I should’ve known when your favorite record was the same as my father’s” reference both what the rumored boyfriend look like (he has salt-and-pepper hair) and that he’s older than the singer (he’s reportedly 41 while she’s 24). Toward the end of the tune she uses the simple-but-sweet phrase, “I’m writin’ a love song for you, baby,” which nearly cements the guesses of many fans.

There are several other lyrics featured on Solar Power that could possibly be about Warren, though it’s not entirely clear if they’re focused on him, or even about love at all. Lines like “My girlfriends and my baby,” “Got a memory of waiting in your bed wearing only my earrings,” and “I’m still crazy for you, babe,” all of which can easily lead a listener to believe Lorde is in love.

While she will surely be asked about her romantic life as she continues to promote Solar Power, it’s not likely that Lorde will explicitly confirm that she has a boyfriend (or even a fiancé), and don’t count on her naming him outright. Looks like for now, fans will just have to continue deciphering lyrics to learn more about the pop musician’s private life.

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