Lindsay Lohan Is “The Luckiest Woman In The World” After Her Marriage

Here’s what we know about her marriage to Bader Shammas.

Lindsay Lohan's marriage to Bader Shammas was confirmed July 2. Photo via Getty Images
Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/French Select/Getty Images

Seven months after announcing her engagement to Bader Shammas, Lindsay Lohan is married to the Dubai-based banker — but she didn’t reveal exactly when (or how) the wedding went down. In an Instagram post on July 2 (Lohan’s birthday), the Mean Girls alum posted a selfie of the pair, expressing her gratitude for Shammas in the caption. “I am the luckiest woman in the world,” she wrote. “You found me and knew that I wanted to find happiness and grace, all at the same time. I am stunned that you are my husband. My life and my everything. ... ️every woman should feel like this everyday.”

Lohan’s use of the “husband” label first alerted fans to the possibility that she was, in fact, already married — which the actor’s rep later confirmed to E! News. The marriage reveal comes two weeks after the couple celebrated Shammas’ birthday — which Lohan documented with another sweet selfie. “My love! You’re not only a great man, an incredible person, you’re my best friend,” she wrote in the June 17 post. “Thank you for you loving me back babe.”

So, what was the wedding like? While Britney Spears and Paris Hilton — Lohan’s fellow members of the “Holy Trinity,” the nickname they earned with a much-publicized outing in 2006 — recently celebrated their own nuptials with splashy, star-studded (and much-publicized) ceremonies, Lohan seems to have opted for a private approach.

Though Lohan hasn’t shared where or when the wedding took place, she has spoken about the planning process and what her nuptials might look like. In a February interview with Extra, Lohan told another Lindsay — Rachel Lindsay — that she was “more of a low-key” type when it comes to weddings. Still, she acknowledged, she’s “very girly,” and would definitely have more than one dress for the big day.

As for the venue? It could have taken place in Dubai, where Lohan lives with Shammas. “I find sort of a peace and a solace that I don’t get anywhere else,” she told Extra. “So when I moved there, I had all of this time to kind of just, look at myself and really see how I want to do things in the future, what makes me happy, and how I can be my best at doing them.”

A source previously told Us Weekly that there could possibly be two weddings — one in the United States and one overseas — correctly hinting that it would be an “intimate” affair. “You don’t see her out and about anymore,” the source added. “Lindsay really likes her privacy.”

It’s not clear who celebrated with the couple on their big day, but Kathy Hilton and Lohan’s on-screen Mean Girls flame, Jonathan Bennett, were among the stars sending their love in the comment section.