Love Island

Love Island’s Movie Night Proves Once More That The Boys Are Wrong & Strong

Victoria Sanusi reflects on “Mad Movies” and makes the case for why Tasha deserves a break from the bottom.

by Victoria Sanusi
‘Love Island’ 2022: Victoria Sanusi On Movie Night & Why Tasha Deserves A Break

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for: movie night in Love Island. Spread over two episodes – Friday and Sunday night – the suspense has been nothing short of crushing. Disappointingly, all it did was confirm how immature the boys are. They were laughing like the Lion King hyenas when the girls were on the big screen, but as soon as the tables turned, they were quick to hide (physically, in some instances) and justify their actions with the nastiest of words.

Despite everything – the boy’s actions, and the fact he didn’t do anything – Luca came out worst of all. Having spurred everyone else on and stirred the pot endlessly, he didn’t like the taste of his own medicine, did he? Adding insult to injury: the fact that Gemma did nothing wrong. As Indiyah put it: “It’s not your fault you're a bad b*tch.” Billy is clearly interested in Gemma, but she has not reciprocated any of his advances. Luca’s pride may have just cost them the win – and hopefully Gemma’s mum’s approval.

Let’s move onto Indiyah and Dami though. I knew the Silence of The Dams clip wouldn’t change a thing – we all knew Indiyah would forgive him – but I didn’t expect she would do so within the space of five minutes. Most shocking of all was Dami’s blatant disrespect for Summer though, calling her fake and telling her to “shut up.” She did not deserve that. How long before he speaks to Indiyah in the same way, I wonder?

Against all odds, Tasha and Andrew navigated movie night best of all. In a rare moment of self-awareness, Andrew confessed: “I can’t have a go at her because I’ve done far worse.” Between that and the incredibly romantic gesture on Tasha’s part, asking Andrew to be her boyfriend, could we finally be seeing some maturity from the two of the most indecisive islanders? As it stands, they seem to me one of the strongest couples in the villa.


But a word in defence of Tasha and her recoupling wobble. Tasha burst into tears when she found herself in the bottom three for a third time, and whilst everyone in the villa and public thought she should “get over it” simply because she has a boyfriend (has that ever fixed anyone’s problems, really?) I for one feel a great deal of sympathy for her. As one of the biggest shows on telly, can you imagine the pressure of knowing the public doesn’t like you? Knowing millions of people are watching you and hating on you for one reason or another? Knowing the edit is portraying you in perhaps not the best light, and having no control over that? I would be terrified.

Tasha’s dad commented on the situation too, pointing out how emotionally draining it all is for her. “Trying to compute what is being said, lip reading people whose lips aren’t facing her or whose mouths are covered with bottles, who said what when many are talking. Staying involved in conversation when you can only hear robotic sounds in only one of your ears is mentally draining,” he wrote on Instagram. “It’s a pressured environment for all, but she has an extra pressure which no one seems to recognise apart from anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing.” Luca’s insensitive approach to the whole situation did nothing but paint him in a terrible light again, but Tasha definitely deserves more credit.


Speaking of women who deserve better: Ekin-Su. The slut shaming she is facing has reached new levels and it is getting too uncomfortable to watch. It is easy for the boys – who did so much more and so much worse in Casa Amor – to deflect and project everything onto her, simply because she’s a woman. George has told different versions of the story, all of which only add to the narrative of Ekin The Liar. Sad what people will do for 15 minutes of fame, really... As much as I want to root for Davide and Ekin-Su, is there any way they can have a healthy, functioning relationship when they have no trust? Sure, we think his one-liners are funny, but does he respect her?

It is concerning that Adamwhose behaviour prompted a Women’s Aid warning – is coming off as the best of a bad bunch. But is it too late in the series for a new set of boys? Deji – his fantastic facial expressions aside – must be mentally packing his bags already as he is not coupled up at the moment. The countdown for August 1, the finale, is officially on.