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This New Dating Show Is Like Real-Life Bridgerton

One woman is on a quest to find her own Duke of Hastings.

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NBC's new dating show The Courtship is like a real-life 'Bridgerton.' Photo courtesy of Sean Gleason...
Sean Gleason/NBC

If The Bachelorette and Bridgerton had a baby, it would look something like The Courtship, NBC’s newest dating show. Formerly titled Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance, the reality series centers on one woman decked out in a wardrobe seemingly straight off the Bridgerton set. The show’s heroine will be looking for love among 16 suitors who try to woo her by way of carriage rides, handwritten letters, and masquerade balls.

There may not be group therapy dates or fantasy suite nights like in other reality shows fans are used to (read: the entire Bachelor franchise), but NBC promises a whole lot of drama with suitors competing for one-on-one dates and battling it out through archery and fencing matches, all while decked in tuxes, breeches, or booties, of course. Also, instead of living on the beach in Mexico or in a mansion, the cast will stay in a Regency-style castle in the English countryside with a backdrop of rolling hills. Here’s everything to know about The Courtship, including its release date and who fans will follow on her quest for love.

The Courtship Cast & Competition

Fans will follow the journey of Seattle-based Nicole Remy as she looks for love on the first-ever season of The Courtship. According to her LinkedIn, Nicole, 25, is a software engineer and former Seattle Seahawks cheerleader. Fans will get to know more about Nicole and her contestants as they compete to stay on the show. The suitors also must attempt to win over her “court,” which is comprised of her parents, Claude and Claire, her sister Danie, and best friend Tessa.

According to NBC’s press release, the series, hosted by TV Presenter and journalist Rick Edward, is the “ultimate social experiment in romance.” Each week, Nicole will say goodbye to contestants via a farewell ball where — get this — a carriage will take them home. Maybe heartbreak feels less achy when being drawn by a horse?

The Courtship Trailer & Release Date

Will Nicole also “burn” for anyone? Viewers don’t have to wait long to find out. The show, which premieres on March 6, will air on NBC every Sunday.

On Feb. 14, The Courtship’s official Twitter account finally shared the trailer with the caption, “Modern dating can be exhausting. Why not find love the regal way?” Intriguing.

In the promo, Nicole can be heard saying, “We’re in a fairytale, and I’m ready to fall in love” before adding, “Modern dating it’s not working.” Then, between clips from group dates, a voiceover narrates, “Once upon a time, a young woman began a quest for true love. Can the old ways of courtship lead to new romance? A journey where swiping is out and courting is in.”

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