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Tweets About Shang-Chi & Its Big Opening Weekend Show The Film’s Power

“I haven’t felt this emotional about a movie for a long time.”

Memes and tweets about the opening weekend for 'Shang-Chi' celebrate the film's representation and b...
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If you saw Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings over Labor Day weekend and loved it, well, you’re in some very good company. The newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe made an estimated $71.4 million in its first three days domestically — making it the second highest-grossing film this year (and since the start of widespread public health restrictions) after Black Widow, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film is also reportedly set to smash a holiday weekend record held since 2007’s Halloween.

Simu Liu, who plays the titular hero with a mysterious past, shared an emotional Instagram post to celebrate the film’s opening weekend — which wasn’t just historic by the numbers but for representation, too. Shang-Chi introduced the MCU’s first Asian lead, which its star noted will “change the world.”

“The sun rose today to a world where Asian superheroes exist as the leads of their story,” Liu began, describing the film as a “celebration and a sharing of culture, of language, of laughter, of excitement, of sorrow and of heartbreak ... A smile where there wasn’t one before. Pride where there was shame. Compassion where there was ignorance. If we reach out and touch even one person, then aren’t all of our lives better for it?”

Following Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek’s comments about the film’s release strategy being an “experiment” for the studio, its box office success was even sweeter. So, naturally, fans took to Twitter to share in the excitement. Here are some of the best memes and tweets that celebrate Shang-Chi’s big debut — from its humor and heart to its major strides for representation.

(Don’t worry, you won’t find anything particularly spoiler-y in the Shang-Chi memes and tweets below — but if you haven’t seen the movie yet, Bustle’s breakdowns of the new hero, the film’s one-of-a-kind locale, and enticing post-credits scenes will be here for you when you get back from the theater!)

Many fans gave the film glowing reviews in their tweets. “I was beaming with pride the whole time. Highly recommend everyone go see it,” one fan wrote. Another celebrated Liu as a “total star.”

Others specifically highlighted how important it was to see a major superhero film led by so many actors of Asian descent. “I wish this movie came out when I was younger so I could have had some badass Asian men and women in western media to look up to,” one moviegoer tweeted.

Shang-Chi’s box office success was also a point of celebration. “I’m so happy for everyone involved with Shang-Chi because the odds were really against them but they won in the end,” wrote a fan.

Some memes were especially funny after viewing the film.

Others celebrated the actors, with one person joking about how unfortunate it is that Liu didn’t get to live out his childhood dream of being a Power Ranger.

And others just feasted on another great addition to the MCU.

Liu himself also hopped on Twitter on premiere day to celebrate the momentous occasion that was... Drake’s Certified Lover Boy? Yes, the MCU’s newest lead likes to have a laugh online, and he did turn out to be right about history being made.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is now in theaters.