Shonda Rhimes’ IRL Apartment Is A Bridgerton Fan's Dream

The esteemed producer has nailed Regency-era chic.

Shonda Rhimes showing Architectural Digest her NYC apartment, inspired by 'Bridgerton'

Since Bridgerton made its critically-acclaimed debut on Netflix, its influence has stretched far and wide. The period drama has influenced our hairstyles, wardrobes, and makeup habits. It’s even had an impact on our home decor, especially as far as the show’s producer is concerned.

Speaking to Architectural Digest for the outlet’s April cover story, Shonda Rhimes — whose impressive resumé includes the likes of Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and Inventing Anna — offered a glimpse inside her New York City apartment, revealing that some of her decor choices are inspired by none other than Bridgerton.

“If I’m thinking about these books that we’re turning into a series, then that inevitably spills into how the apartment’s going to look, which inevitably spills into what goes in the scripts — it all sort of spins together,” Rhimes explained. The series creator also revealed to AD that her apartment is centered around “work life,” and discussed how her choice of floral patterned wallpaper allows for “some really bold choices in furniture.”

From romantic floral wallpaper to regal-looking chandeliers, Rhimes’ apartment could easily double as the Bridgerton family’s second home.. “There are a lot of gilt-edged pieces in there because the wallpaper can hold all of that.” Rhimes explained. “The furniture can be a little bit eclectic. It’s a mix of contemporary pieces and antiques, and they all work together really nicely.”

As for the show itself, Bridgerton’s much-anticipated second season arrives on Netflix on March 25.During the period drama’s first outing back in 2020, Bridgerton quickly became one of the most popular shows in Netflix history, reaching 82 million households during its debut. To the delight of viewers around the world, it was also confirmed in April 2021 that Bridgerton will return for seasons 3 and 4, meaning fans have plenty more Regency-era romance to look forward to.