Taylor Lautner Shares His Favorite Taylor Swift Songs

The actor and his wife struggled to choose their Swift top five, as most Swifties would.

Taylor Lautner Shares His Favorite Taylor Swift Songs
Taylor Lautner / Instagram

Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner and his wife, also Taylor Lautner (but simply goes by Tay), are certified Swifties. On the July 19 episode of their podcast The Squeeze, the couple opened up about everything Swift (who they lovingly call “Blonde Girl Tay”), including going to her record-breaking Eras Tour in Kansas City, where Taylor joined the singer on stage after she premiered their “I Can See You” music video. The two answered the fans’ most pressing questions, but their biggest challenge was naming their top five Swift songs. “Oh wow, I feel like my life is on the line,” Tay said.

To make things easier, Tay and Taylor decided to name their current favorite songs rather than narrow down their all-time faves. “My number one right now, at this moment, is ‘Cruel Summer,’” Tay said. “It’s such a good song. I also scream it in my car.” Lautner then revealed his top song, “I Can See You,” which shouldn’t be a surprise given his role in the video. Tay then put that as her second-favorite song, before correctly guessing that Swift’s Bon Iver collaboration “Exile” was Lautner’s next favorite. “I do really love that one,” he said.

She named “Midnight Rain” as her third-favorite, stealing it from her husband, who then decided on “Enchanted,” calling it a “classic.” “Long Live” and “All Too Well (10-Minute Version)” complete Tay’s top five, while “The 1” and “Timeless” finish Lautner’s list of current favorite Swift songs.

The couple later opened up about Swift’s 2010 single “Back to December,” which she wrote as an apology song to Lautner after the end of their 2009 romance, calling it a “banger” and a “great song.” One listener also asked Lautner how it felt to be the subject of one of Swift’s nicest songs. “Horrible. I hate it,” he joked. “I’m kidding. It feels great.”

“It’s a testament to you as a human that you are that human that she talks about,” Tay added. “You are so kind, and I’m not going to get into the lyrics here.” However, Lautner couldn’t resist making the puns. “I have tan skin? A sweet smile?” he asked, to which she laughed and proudly said, “Yes. And you’re so good to me.” “Ok, we’re done here,” Lautner joked.

Tay and Lautner went on to answer many questions from Swifties, including how it felt for Lautner to introduce his wife to his famous ex-girlfriend while working on the “I Can See You” video. “I know on paper, it sounds like a tough situation, but I not once was ever worried about it,” he explained. “Tay is the coolest, chillest person ever. She also is a diehard fan of that person. And Blonde Girl Tay is the sweetest human being on Earth, so it kind of was just a perfect situation.”

Tay agreed that she was very “chill” about meeting Swift, considering she was a fan to begin with, and said she enjoyed getting to know her on a personal level. “It’s so easy and laidback,” she said. “I love meeting people like that, you can just have genuine conversations with them. She’s cracking jokes, she’s hysterical. It’s been so fun to get to know her and I love having people like that in my life and in our life, I feel really thankful to call her a friend.”